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Life Cycle of a Penis

It's no secret that a man's sexual function declines with age. As his testosterone level falls, it takes more to arouse him. Once aroused, he takes longer to get an erection and to achieve orgasm and, following orgasm, to become aroused again. Age brings marked declines in semen volume and sperm quality. Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is clearly linked to advancing years; between the ages of 40 and 70, the percentage of potent men falls from 60% to roughly 30%, studies show.

Men also experience a gradual decline in urinary function. Studies show that a man's urine stream weakens over time, the consequence of weakened bladder muscles and, in many cases, prostate enlargement.

And that's not all. Recent research confirms what men have long suspected and, in some cases, feared: that the penis itself undergoes significant changes as a man moves from his sexual prime -- around age 30 for most guys -- into middle age and on to his dotage. These changes include:

Appearance. There are two major changes. The head of the penis (glans) gradually loses its purplish color, the result of reduced blood flow. And there is a slow loss of pubic hair. "As testosterone wanes, the penis gradually reverts to its prepubertal, mostly hairless, state," says Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego and editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Penis Size. Weight gain is common as men grow older. As fat accumulates on the lower abdomen, the apparent size of the penis changes. "A large prepubic fat pad makes the penile shaft look shorter," says Ira Sharlip, MD, clinical professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco.

"In some cases, abdominal fat all but buries the penis," says Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, co-director of the Men's Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. "One way I motivate my overweight patients is by telling them that they can appear to gain up to an inch in size simply by losing weight."

In addition to this apparent shrinkage (which is reversible) the penis tends to undergo an actual (and irreversible) reduction in size. The reduction -- in both length and thickness -- typically isn't dramatic but may be noticeable. "If a man's erect penis is 6 inches long when he is in his 30s, it might be 5 or 5-and-a-half inches when he reaches his 60s or 70s," says Goldstein.

What causes the penis to shrink? At least two mechanisms are involved, experts say. One is the slow deposition of fatty substances (plaques) inside tiny arteries in the penis, which impairs blood flow to the organ. This process, known as atherosclerosis, is the same one that contributes to blockages inside the coronary arteries -- a leading cause of heart attack.

Goldstein explains that another mechanism involves the gradual buildup of relatively inelastic collagen (scar tissue) within the stretchy fibrous sheath that surrounds the erection chambers. Erections occur when these chambers fill with blood. Blockages within the penile arteries -- and increasingly inelastic chambers -- mean smaller erections.

As penis size changes, so do the testicles. "Starting around age 40, the testicles definitely begin to shrink," says Goldstein. The testicles of a 30-year-old man might measure 3 centimeters in diameter, he says; those of a 60-year-old, perhaps only 2 centimeters.

Curvature. If penile scar tissue accumulates unevenly, the penis can become curved. This condition, known as Peyronie's disease, occurs most commonly in middle age. It can cause painful erections and make intercourse difficult. The condition may require surgery.

Sensitivity. Numerous studies have shown that the penis becomes less sensitive over time. This can make it hard to achieve an erection and to have an orgasm. Whether it renders orgasm less pleasurable remains an open question.

If there's a silver lining to these presumably unwelcome changes, it's this: Experts say these changes need not ruin your erotic life. One recent study involving 2,213 men in Olmstead County, Minn., showed significant declines in erectile function, libido, and ejaculatory function -- but only moderate decreases in sexual satisfaction. "Older men may be less likely to perceive these declines as a problem and be dissatisfied," concluded the study's authors.

As Goldstein puts it, "The most important ingredient for a satisfying sex life is the ability to satisfy your partner, and that doesn't require peak sexual performance or a big penis. As long as a man's partner enjoys sexual intercourse, he feels like a god."

5 Things You Didn't Know About Masturbation

Although men may joke and tease each other about their solo sexual activity, women are typically less forthcoming about their own self-pleasuring. With a very close friend, some may compare notes discretely about the best vibrators or the stress relief going solo can provide.

But women's masturbation is not generally a common topic of conversation among girlfriends. Maybe it should be, say sex therapists. They point out that women's masturbation can have benefits both for health and relationships. Here are five things about masturbation women may not know:

1. "Normal" masturbation in women takes many forms.

Most women, like men, have masturbated at least once in their lives, research suggests. Frequency varies, and there's no "normal" for that. There's no ''normal" cutoff age, either, with the practice continuing into the 80s and beyond.

Women may feel guilty about it, especially if they are in a committed relationship, but there’s no need for guilt, sex therapists say. Sometimes a partner is tired, out of town, or otherwise unavailable. And it doesn't mean a woman needs to go without.

There is no one "method" of masturbation in women that's normal. "A range of ways is 'normal,''' says Paul Joannides, PsyD, a psychoanalyst in Waldport, Ore.

Fingers and vibrators are two common methods of women's masturbation. More than half of 2,056 women, aged 18 to 60, used a vibrator either during masturbation or intercourse, says Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, Bloomington, who led the survey.

Other women who masturbate report they use the back of a vibrating toothbrush head, the handle of a hairbrush, or water jets in the bathtub, Joannides says.

Although some experts worry about side effects from vibrator use, such as genital numbness or pain, less than 30% of the women in Herbenick's vibrator survey said they had experienced them.

But another expert, Frank Sommers, MD, a Toronto psychiatrist, worries that excessive vibrator use during masturbation could desensitize women to orgasms with a partner. “I tell my patients, ‘Look on a vibrator as whipped cream -- you wouldn’t want to eat it every day.’’’

He believes too much vibrator use ‘’habituates your autonomic nervous system to such stimulation that a human could not duplicate it.”

2. Masturbation can improve your mood -- without the ''obligations'' of partnered sex.

However a woman chooses to masturbate, it can improve her spirits. "It can improve a depressed mood," says Kathleen Segraves, PhD, a sex therapist and associate professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University and a therapist at Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. "Not clinical depression, but the 'blue funk' days."

"With solo sex, there is no distraction, and you can focus on your own experience without making sure someone else is having a good time," she says.

It doesn't mean you don't love your partner, maybe just that you need to think only about yourself sometimes, experts say. "The woman doesn't have to be outside her head, wondering, 'Am I taking too long?'" Segraves says.

3. Masturbation can improve your sex life with your partner.

Women who masturbate on a regular basis learn what feels good for them, Segraves says. "It helps build sexual confidence," she says. "It helps you guide the partner when you have a partner.”

You can say, for instance: "Please put your hand here," and not be embarrassed, she says.

Women who use a vibrator during masturbation tend to have better sexual functioning with a partner, Herbenick says.

Sex therapists typically recommend masturbation for women who have a difficult time reaching orgasm. It can help them learn about their body and feel less self-conscious.

"We know that women compared to men have a harder time learning to orgasm," Herbenick says. Masturbating can help, and masturbating with a vibrator may help even more, she says. "Using a vibrator, for reasons we don't understand, helps women orgasm." The survey is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Those who used a vibrator, she found, even if it had been a year since the use, "had better sexual functioning in terms of vaginal lubrication, desire, arousal and ease of orgasm, and they tended to have less pain or discomfort during intercourse."

But "it may be that those who don't find sex painful tend to use a vibrator,” she says.

4. Masturbation can help you relax.

Women are more apt than men to over-analyze a bad day and think: "How could I have done this better?" They are more likely than men, some researchers have found, to replay an argument or bad interaction with people in their head. It all adds up to excess stress.

Researchers call this rumination, and it has been linked in numerous studies to depression.

"If you can start pleasuring yourself, that will often interfere with ruminations," Segraves says. "Not all the time," she says. But it may help.

5. Masturbation can provide pain relief.

Women who masturbate often report that it helps relieve menstrual cramps and to improve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as irritability and crankiness.

Masturbating to orgasm may help migraine, too. Although orgasm has sometimes been found to trigger a migraine headache, it may also relieve it, according to some research. Scientists speculate that some factor associated with orgasm (by yourself or with a partner) may suppress pain or actually suppress the migraine process.

Women and Hair Loss: The Causes

Today more women than ever are experiencing hair loss -- and the causes may be quite different that what causes balding in men.

From Lady Godiva to the Breck Girl, Farah Fawcett to Jennifer Aniston, there is no question that, at least for women, hair is often a defining point in personal style. That's one reason why so many women panic at even the thought of losing a few hairs down the drain with each shampoo.

Those fears are not unfounded, as each year more women are forced to come to grips with the possibility of serious hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it's a growing problem, affecting some 30 million women in the United States -- with some forms of loss occurring at earlier ages, and being seen in increasing numbers.

"I have seen women as young as 15 or 16 develop hair loss problems -- it's not common, but it's also not that rare," says Ted Daly, MD, a dermatologist from Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island, who specializes in the treatment of female hair loss.

But what exactly causes a woman to lose her hair? To understand that, it's important to know a little something about how hair grows.

Growth Cycle Interrupted

Experts say our tresses usually grow at the rate of about one-half inch per month -- with each hair having a growth phase of two to six years. At that point the hair "rests" for a period of time, then falls out -- and the follicle from which it sprang soon starts growing a new strand. And so the cycle continues, usually well into our senior years.

In some folks, however -- those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss -- a group of hormones called androgens interferes with this natural process. According to dermatologist Michael Reed, MD, androgen hormones include testosterone, androsteinedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) -- all of which are made in men's bodies in large amounts, and in women's bodies in small amounts.

In those who are genetically susceptible, when testosterone comes in contact with enzymes residing in the hair cell, it is converted into the more potent androgen DHT, which then binds with receptors deep within the hair follicle.

"Over time, an excess build-up [of DHT] in the follicle causes it to begin shrinking, which in turn alters the natural resting and growth phases of the hair," says Reed, clinical associate professor of dermatology at NYU Medical Center, and a specialist in female hair loss. Some of the follicles eventually die, while others are rendered incapable of producing or maintaining healthy hair growth. The end result, says Reed, is hair loss -- and a condition that is medically known as androgenic alopecia.

For many decades, doctors believed that androgenic alopecia was the primary cause of balding in both men and women. Today they know this is not true -- at least where women are concerned.

Female, Male Balding Not the Same Pattern

"We don't even like to use the term 'androgenic alopecia' in women anymore -- instead we call it female pattern hair loss -- a broader term that encompasses many possible causes, some of which are likely to be directly linked to an excess of testosterone, and some of which are not," Daly tells WebMD.

Indeed, he says that although the science of female balding is still largely misunderstood, there is evidence that many other types of enzymes, as well as hormone receptors and blockers, may be at work in women.

One clue that there is a true difference between male and female balding is the pattern in which the hair loss occurs.

"Female pattern balding goes around the whole top of the head -- it's diffuse -- whereas men lose it on the temple, the crown, the bald spot in the back," says Daly. Not coincidentally, the hormone and enzyme receptor sites are also different in varying areas of the scalp -- another reason doctors now believe the loss patterns are caused by different precipitating factors.

Another important difference: While balding in men is almost always the result a genetic predisposition coupled with age, in women, it can happen at any time. In addition, underlying medical conditions can also be the cause of hair loss -- even when true androgenic alopecia is the diagnosis.

Medical Causes Common

"Often these women are also suffering with polycystic ovary syndrome, [a common hormonal problem in women], and sometimes their hair loss is the only obvious sign," says Ricardo Azziz, MD, director of the Center for Androgen-Related Disorders at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

In addition, Daly reports that certain types of autoimmune disorders result in a slightly different and often less dramatic hair loss problem known as alopecia areata -- an inflammatory condition that causes hair to come out in clumps or patches.

Still others can develop a temporary hair shedding problem known as telogen effluvium -- a change in the natural hair growth system that often follows childbirth, crash dieting, surgery, or a traumatic emotional event.

Azizz adds that thyroid disorders, anemia, even chronic illness or the use of certain medications can also cause hair loss in women that is often undiagnosed.

For these reasons, specialists say it's vital for all women to get at the "root" of their hair loss before seeking treatment.

"The No. 1 rule of treating hair loss in women is getting the correct diagnosis -- if there is an underlying physical problem it has to be corrected first," says Reed. Often, he says, that can preclude the need for additional hair loss treatment. As such, he advises women to see a doctor who specializes in female pattern balding and make certain to be checked for possible underlying medical conditions via blood tests, or if need be, a scalp biopsy.

"Often the diagnosis is made by excluding what problem isn't there -- but it's still essential to do the complete workup," says Daly.

Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products at Home

Do it Yourself: Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products at Home

Beauty doesn't have to be expensive. Everything you need to make your own natural beauty products can be found right in your kitchen. Whether you want to avoid the chemicals in commercial beauty products, save money, or live a greener life, you can create a complete beauty regimen with a few simple, natural ingredients.

Eyebrow shaping

The Basics for DIY Beauty Products

When you're ready to raid your fridge, go for the three basics first. Honey, oatmeal, and eggs can be combined with a variety of ingredients to make natural hair products as well as natural skin care treatments.

Honey can Moisturize

The benefits of honey are manifold. The water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that constitute honey make it an ideal hydration choice for both skin and hair.

Have dry skin? Honey is a humectant—it pulls in and helps retain moisture. Poor some into a hot bath and soak in it. For even softer skin, add a little whole or powdered milk. When your bath is over, mix some honey with eggs and yogurt and apply liberally for a refreshing mask that will tighten and purify your skin.

Struggling with dry, frizzy hair? Just add a little olive oil to your honey, egg and yogurt mixture, and turn your mask into a conditioner!

Oatmeal Exfoliates

Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that can help soothe dry, itchy or irritated skin. As a bonus, the beta-glucans found in oatmeal aid in skin firming and regeneration and make oatmeal a perfect ingredient for a cleanser. Just mix with water and powdered milk or brewer’s yeast for a refreshing face wash.

Suffering from sunburn or summer mosquito bites? Add powdered oatmeal to a warm bath and soak in it for some quick relief.

Eggs Cleanse & Strengthen

Eggs are a versatile base for many beauty products, from scrubs to masks to hair conditioners. The lysozymes contained in egg whites fight bacteria and help cleanse skin. A mask made of egg whites and honey will draw out impurities and clear up blackheads while also smoothing, firming and hydrating.

Eggs are also chock full of protein, which, when used as a base for shampoo or conditioner, will strengthen and add volume to your hair.

Assemble Your Ingredients…And Experiment!

The best thing about making your own beauty products is the endless way to combine ingredients. Gather your do-it-yourself basics and some fruits and vegetables and go wild! Put cucumbers or potatoes over your eyes; slather mayonnaise in your hair; mix egg whites and lemon juice for a toner; the possibilities—and benefits—are endless.

For more beauty tips, visit Dailymakeover.com. You will find expert advice on a range of topics, from hair tips to makeup. Dailymakeover.com also offers a cutting edge virtual makeover tool, which will let you try hairstyles, cosmetics and fashion accessories.

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Healthier On Every Corner


There’s something about passing a Starbucks on every corner in Manhattan that makes us crave cuddling up with a hot cup of coffee and a warm, delicious treat. Beginning just yesterday, Starbucks unveiled a new approach to the food they serve. They have simplified past recipes and changed them using only the best ingredients. No more artificial flavors, dyes, trans-fat, or high-fructose corn syrup. The new and improved Starbucks now serves food with only real ingredients, like Washington apples and Michigan cherries. You no longer have to feel guilty eating their delicious Blueberry Streusel Muffin, which is now made with real, plump Oregon blueberries, or their Blueberry Oat Bar, made with organic berries. Try their Reduced-fat Very Berry Coffee Cake and indulge in the real blackberries, blueberries and raspberries it’s filled with! Their Banana Walnut Bread is now made with 25% real banana, and their new Gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake is made with just 10 or fewer ingredients. Indulge guilt-free into your nearest Starbucks, you know it can’t be too far away, and enjoy all the real ingredients. After all, a healthier morning at Starbucks equals a healthier you!

Visit Starbucks.com for more information!

Obama Chats Live About Healthcare Reform!


46 million Americans don’t have healthcare. (Astonishing, right!?!) Premium costs are rising steadily, and the average American really can’t afford it right now. Our President is working feverishly to change this, as he’s currently holding a Virtual Town Hall Meeting. Watch the live stream NOW over on Tinker.com, MSNBC.com, or discuss on Twitter. Be sure to use this hashtag: #whhcq.

Bikini Waxing: More Than Just a Little Pain

Since the dawn of time, women have gone through long, arduous, painful processes for the sake of beauty. But none is more controversial than the bikini wax. Though the results seem cleaner and more sanitary than the alternative, bikini waxes are sort of hazardous. Because you’re ripping the hair out of the follicle, you are exposing your open pores to the environment. Also, waxing causes little tears in the skin that are also unprotected and exposed. Because it’s your pubic region, there is much more bacteria that can infect and cause serious problems. Cellulitis, a bacterial infection that has affected some bikini waxed women, causes swelling, fevers, extreme pain, and if left untreated could result in lower limb amputation or death.

Other incidences of infection are the spreading of herpes or other STDs. In one extreme case, an Australian woman with Type-1 Diabetes got infected with a flesh eating virus. Time to start taking precautions when scheduling your next appointment.


1. Triple Check the Cleanliness of the Salon

Some people think it’s rude to look around or ask if the salon is sanitary, but it’s better to ask and risk offense, than to possibly risk infection that would wind up closing the salon down. Ask detailed questions about the procedure, get a friend’s recommendation, and observe yourself whether or not the place looks clean.

2. Ask for Hard Wax

Hard wax is much gentler as it only adheres to the hair. Some estheticians say using hard wax means more tweezing to removal of the hair, but soft wax will be more painful and cause more irritation. It’s a toss up.

3. No Double Dipping

No one likes it when you double dipped in the salsa. It’s grosser when it’s in the salon. Dipping the tool used on your skin back in the wax is a huge no-no. Germs from your skin would then contaminate the wax meaning the next person will get your cooties…and you’ll probably get someone else’s as well!

4. Baby Bottle Test

Hot wax is well… hot, as it should be—though wax can get to an unsafe temperature. The esthetician should test the temperature on their wrist like a mother does with baby bottles. If the wax is too hot, you will be burned in the worst place possible. Ouch!

5. Do Not DIY

Although there are several do it yourself bikini waxing products, it is a very sensitive and meticulous process that it’s probably best left to the professionals.

6. Post Wax Procedures

After your wax, make sure to apply an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory cream, as infection and slight swelling can ensue rather quickly. For those prone to ingrown hairs, this roll-on gel is a liquid exfoliator that keeps all wax-related bumps at bay.


Pick up PFB Vanish at PFBVanish.com for $19.95.

Independence Day DO and DON’T Eats

4th of July barbecues are a summer staple. That’s why every barbecue you attend this Independence Day is going to be filled with unhealthy, yet delicious and tempting food. Here are the absolute DO and DON’T eats this holiday. If you’re still tempted, click HERE to read some tips and tricks about how to indulge while still staying healthy!



Baked beans
Raw vegetables
Corn on the cob
Whole wheat buns
Ice cream sandwich
Festive fruit platters


Potato salad
Macaroni salad
Hot dogs
Apple pie
Fruit punch
Jell-o with whipped cream
Ranch chip dip

Happy 4th!

A 5-Step Guide to Healthier Eating

If there is a way to eat healthier without kissing all “bad” foods goodbye, we’re so there. There are ways to stay healthy without dieting, after all. Here are five few quick tips to staying healthy that don’t involve 30 minutes of cardio or eating fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

corn 1) If you don’t know where food comes from, don’t eat it. Many vegetables come from the ground, and chickens come from eggs (or do eggs come from chickens?) Either way, they are grown, which therefore makes them healthy. That’s more than you can say about foods like pre-packaged cookies, which are processed. Processed foods are foods that have been stripped of nutrients, such as fiber. This is a good tip to think about when choosing between an apple and a cookie for a snack.

shopping 2) Cravings kick in multiple times a day. If you’re sitting on the couch when you suddenly desire potato chips, if you don’t have them in your house you won’t eat them. Think about this next time you’re at the grocery store and you start putting a bag of baked chips in your shopping cart.

breakfast3) Eat a huge breakfast, not a huge dinner. For some reason, everyone thinks dinner should be the biggest meal of the day. Wrong! Breakfast should be the heaviest because it’ll get you going in the morning, keep you full for a long time, and you’ll burn it off throughout the day. After dinner activities usually include watching TV before going to sleep, and we haven’t met anyone who’s capable of burning mega calories by sitting in front of the boob tube.

leftovers4) We’ve all heard it before—there are starving people around the world so we should always finish our meal. However, eating just because it’s there is not good for your body! Stop eating when you’re full so your body doesn’t become a storage unit. If there’s enough leftover, eat it for lunch the next day.

icecream5) Occasionally satisfy your cravings when they occur. Obviously no one would ever turn down ice cream for the rest of their lives. It is important though to ensure treats are just that—a treat. Don’t settle for the diet version of your favorite food when you really want it. Have one scoop of ice cream when you simply can’t resist. Trust us—it’ll taste much better.

xx, Arielle Sobov


Visit 50MillionPounds.com for more information.

Ride in Style


No matter how cute we try to look while biking, we all know sweating isn’t the most attractive body function. But if we’re riding a bicycle built by Urban Outfitters, even sweating profusely will look adorable. Make your front tire red, your back tire yellow, your frame pink, and your grips white. Mix and match or create a solid colored bike- you have the freedom to choose the color of each bike piece. The bicycle is an Aristotle singlespeed with a fixed/free hub, which means you must keep pedaling to cruise. Great exercise, AND great colors?! We’re in healthy heaven.
Build your bike for $399 at UrbanOutfitters.com.

Drink To Your Health


With many energy drinks that can leave you wiped out, and vitamin enhanced waters and juices that contain more sugar than the vitamins promised on the market, people are often left confused at to what can actually beneficial. Neuro Drinks are 7 different beverages which are all geared to enhance different aspects of everyone’s lives—social demographics be damned! Trying to lose weight? Need to concentrate better? Finding it hard to get to sleep? They have you covered across the board and then some. If you’re counting calories, lose the calculator—each drink is 35 calories or less per bottle.

Available in packs of 12 for $36.99 at drinkneuro.com

Finally—Truly Sinless Starbucks!


As a Starbucks frequent and coffee fiend, I often find myself searching for something tasty to compliment my lattes. Unfortunately, with ridiculously high calorie contents glaring at me from every information card in front of the treats, I stick coffee only and leave still pretty hungry. Luckily for me (and the rest of the health-conscious world) Starbucks has reformed many of their snacks and beverages to be simpler, healthier, and still just as delicious. We sampled a few of the new offerings a few weeks back, and below are the treats we loved, and think you will too.

If you’re looking for a post-workout meal and beverage in one, the new Strawberry Banana Vivano Smoothie is made of all natural strawberry and banana puree with no added sugar, and is mixed with only milk, whey protein powder, and ice. Chock full of protein and fruit, it was tasty, good for you, and kept you full for a while! The gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake was as succulent as an orange itself, topped with almond slivers and ideal for the gluten-allergic. For something sweet, the new and improved Marshmallow Dream Bar was to die for as it was only 210 calories (compared to the old rice crispy treat which was over 400) and made of nothing more than cereal, marshmallows, and a little butter. Perfect for an afternoon snack, the recreated Banana Walnut Bread was even more delicious than the old one. Made of 25% real banana puree instead of artificial banana flavoring, it was moist, filling, and tasted homemade. Still hungry for more? My favorite of the day was the Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie which was soft and chewy and packed with dried fruit. More like a granola bar than a cookie, it still satisfied your sweet tooth with a healthy alternative to the traditional sugar-loaded cookie.

Now with simple, natural ingredients and reduced calorie content, health nuts and Starbucks fanatics alike can rejoice – we can now have our cake (with our coffee) and eat it too!

The Dangers of Diet Pills

There has been a lot of talk about diet pills and the detrimental effects they have on our bodies. Anything that promises such a major change with minimal effort can’t be all that great, right? Over the years, many have been banned in America due to health ramifications. Before popping pills to slip into your skinny jeans, read these possible health side effects and figure out the real cost of a fabulous figure.


Heart Problems

Most diet pills have caffeine like substances in them which “give you energy”. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, the vast majority of America self-caffeinates everyday with a cup or two of jo from Starbucks, so the addition of another stimulant is very dangerous. Diet pill-related heart complications include arrhythmias, pulmonary hypertension, and palpitations.

Most of the recent diet pills claim to be non-addictive, but be careful with any type of pill. Psychological and physical dependence on medication is more common than people believe.

Like we need another thing keeping us up at night! Many diet pills list insomnia as a popular side effect. While not technically life threatening, a lack of sleep could lead to problems at work, school, or when driving.

Umm, Intestinal Problems
Alli, the only FDA approved weight loss pill, will lead to “oily spotting bowel movements, oily stools, stomach pain, and flatulence.” What’s the point of being skinny when no one wants to be around you?

The vast majority of diet pill advertisements have fine print. Whether they say ‘Results not typical’ or ‘Use with diet and exercise’ most diet pills don’t do much. Think about it. If it were really that easy to lose weight, why would we be such an overweight country? Don’t waste your time or potentially cause yourself harm just for a quick fix.

Keeping Your Mental Sanity

We’re living in very stressful times. Overtime, double shifts, multiple jobs, oy! All these are not just extras anymore. We’re overworked, underappreciated, and going insane! People tend to pay more attention to their physical health rather than their mental health. Take these steps to ensure you keep your sanity.


Once a day, everyone needs a little breathe time. From the time we wake up until we go to bed we’re constantly working or worrying. At least 5 minutes of the day needs to be reserved to a worry-free and clear mind. Your commute before work is a perfect time for this. Shut off your cell for 5 minutes. If your boss calls, say you were in a tunnel. Picture a calming and pleasant scene, and let your mind drift from work to reminiscing about your last great vacation. You’ll learn to relish these minutes you have to yourself.

Tidy It Up

A gray cubicle with filing cabinets and piles of papers surrounding you isn’t good for your mental health; in fact, it’s quite oppressive and depressing. Decorate your workspace with pictures of loved ones, inspirational quotes, and anything that would bring you joy. Brighten up your work space with fresh flowers, and look for desk furniture at places like Target that are geared for young adults.

Do Good

It’s true. Doing good for others really affects your health. You feel better about yourself, and it gives you higher self esteem which almost everyone could use more of. Go on websites like VolunteerMatch.org to find a local charity that needs you.

Limit stimulants

Most people can’t go through a day without some added stimulant. Keep in mind, stimulants like caffeine cause irritation and agitation, as they also have an addictive quality. If you absolutely need caffeine to get through the day, don’t have any after 2pm. This way it won’t affect your evening or your sleep.

Play Hooky

Remember in college when you over indulged a little too much? Sometimes that 8:30 class was skipped the next day. Well now, you’ve over indulging in work and you need a mental health day. Go in for a half day or if you can, take the whole day off. Take this well deserved mini-break as a chance to do whatever you want: work out, veg out, catch up with friends etc. Just don’t make it a weekly habit. Save it in case of emergencies.


Women who are concerned with their own wellbeing (and they should be) are the inspiration behind GNC’s new line, WELLbeING. Designed for active women, these supplements provide innovated nutrition and are a great way for women to shine from the inside out. From total wellness vitapaks to added benefits to exercise programs, this collection features something to fit everyone’s needs. Here are some of their top-sellers to help you choose which is right for you.


  1. be-CLEANSED- A seven-day detox kit, this dietary supplement and liquid purifier is designed specifically for women. It will cleanse and restore digestive health, as well as support kidney and urinary tract health, stimulate mental awareness, and reduce bloating. It also includes a purifying meal so you stay healthy. This kit is perfect for a clean start for your bod! Available for $49.99 at GNC.com.
  2. be-WHOLESOME- This set of vitapaks contains a month’s supply of vitamins and minerals. The daily packs include triple strength fish oil, bone strengthening formula, hair/skin/nail formula, and mobility and strength formula. These packs are convenient for traveling, and are all you need for health and beauty. Just what you need for looking and feeling great! Available for $59.99 at GNC.com.
  3. be-HOT- This exercise enhancing turbo-pak is designed for the non-athlete woman and includes 3 paks to make your workout easier, and help you achieve better results. be-DEFINED is a toning and sculpting formula that helps make working out easier. be-ENERGIZED helps burn calories by boosting the metabolism. be-ENHANCED includes a blend of fatty acids to help you look and feel good. Everything you’ve ever needed from a workout is in this amazing pak! Available for $49.99 at GNC.com.
  4. be-RESTED- Made from salts from the Dead Sea, which contains 21 minerals, these bath soaks are great for the skin and body. They also contain essential oils for therapeutic benefits and the ultimate relaxation. Place them in your hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. After all, a Glam girl’s gotta soak up the salts! Available for $14.99 at GNC.com.

Rewarding Rubdowns


Everyone adores being pampered but now you can do more than just lay there. Bliss Spa has a new kind of massage called the R.E.S.T. Intentions massage that gives you over 75 minutes of relaxation while 20% of the profits go to the R.E.S.T. Initiative. This non-profit charity gives free massages to cancer patients going through chemotherapy. They believe that massage and the power of touch can help to alleviate the anxiety and stress that goes along with chemotherapy treatment. Patrons will get an hour-long massage with an extra 15 minutes of either reflexology or a scalp massage, similar to the treatments the cancer patients receive through the charity. Giving back by getting a back rub sounds like a good way of paying it forward.

Massages are available for $160 at local Bliss Spas. To find a Bliss Spa near you, please visit BlissWorld.com

Chocolate Covered Heaven

chocstrawIf you think like us, your brain is basically always tell you it’s snack time. Watching TV just wouldn’t feel right if we weren’t also munching, and who can do good work without some kind of mood booster? If you like chocolate and strawberries, you’ll be happy to know that dark chocolate covered strawberries are actually a rather healthy snack! Strawberries are obviously good for us, and dark chocolate also contains antioxidants. Mix the two together and you get one healthy, delicious, 150-calorie snack. Melt one ounce of dark chocolate, dip in strawberries, stick them in the refrigerator, and dig in with zero guilt! Enjoy!

Suggestions for Cleansing and Detoxing Our Bodies

Fall is a particularly good time to pay attention to cleansing the body. People have cleansed throughout the ages to remove buildup of toxins and impurities in the system which constantly drain our immune systems.
There are countless ways to cleanse, but here is just a sampling of ideas to consider:

1) Digestive Cleansing
One of the most comprehensive ways to rid the body of the accumulated junk (mucous and build-up) in our digestive track. Digestive cleanses may involve fasting, wheatgrass juice, or juicing, cayenne pepper, enemas and colonics. Each of these is intended to assist the body in the process of elimination (particularly the elimination off all the “bad” things we’ve ingested over the years). Often the results of digestive cleansing - after the initial “reaction” stages of headaches or irritability- include feeling more “clear-headed”, lighter, more aware, less fatigued, energized.

Cleanse and Purify Thyself is a great book to read before doing a cleanse and Health and Yoga is a great resource on this topic.

2) Skin Brushing / Dry Brush
Brushing your skin with a dry body brush is one of the best ways to clean your skin. It may feel kind of odd but it is more effective than brushing your skin with a wet soapy brush or sponge.

3) Pranayama
Incorporating a breathing practice, with breath retention, and focus on expelling all the air out of the lungs helps invigorate and cleanse the lungs. Many yoga studios offer a pranayama class or incorporate pranayama in their scheduled classes.

4) Tongue Scraping / Tongue Cleaning
Ever notice that slimy white (or sometimes yellow, if you’re sick) film on your tongue? Sounds, gross, I know, but that’s the mouth’s eliminatation system and one of the causes of bad breath (the rest of it is coming from your digestive system). A tongue scraper can be used to scrape off coated tongues first thing in the morning.

5) Detox Bath
Use a combination of epsom salt, sea salt and baking soda to help pull out toxins from the skin (another great way to eliminate toxins). This one can be especially beneficial to ease emotional imbalances.

6) Water Flush
Most of us know that it’s important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. A Balinese healer gave me another tip…drink 2 liters of warm water first thing in the morning to flush your system.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal, when first introduced in the late 1990’s, was limited to light skinned individuals with dark hair. Efficient Laser Hair Removal was produced by Alexandrite and Diode lasers. Dark skinned individuals could not use these lasers for effective hair removal because early generation lasers were unable to distinguish between skin pigment and hair follicles, which led to the burning of those with darker skin. Today this has all changed. The advent of the new laser line, the YAG, and the re-invention of the IPL system has afforded excellent results for individuals with dark skin and dark hair.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal can be achieved by precisely following each treatment protocol recommended by your Laser Hair Removal Clinic. Most Laser Hair Removal websites have not been updated with current information, therefore may not portray the care that needs to be taken in order to ensure effective results. We have found some website information to be as much as seven years old. This, quite frankly, is unacceptable. It is with this in mind that the Laser Hair Removal information you find on this website will be up to date, accurate and informative. It is here to help guide the consumer and help answer the most difficult Laser Hair Removal Questions either in Arizona Hair Laser Removal or Hair Laser New Removal York.

While hair removal by laser has been in existence for almost 10 years, it is still a relatively up and coming procedure. When researching laser hair removal, consumers come across many concerns including, typical cost of laser hair removal, seeing before and after shots of laser hair removal pictures and any laser hair removal risk that could be involved, including laser hair removal side effects and undergoing treatments for laser hair removal during pregnancy. LaserHairRemoval.Com continually strives to effectively address many of these concerns.

While LaserHairRemoval.Com can provide you with the most up to date, and accurate lazer hair removal information, there are a few aspects of the laser hair removal procedure that can vary throughout the country; which is why LaserHairRemoval.com works to put you in touch with local clinics in your area including Chicago Hair Laser Removal and Hair Laser NYC Removal. The average cost of laser hair removal and overall laser hair removal danger are concerns that vary from clinic to clinic based on the area in which the clinic resides and the experiences clinics have had with their patients. It is important as a consumer to ask about these factors as well as which type of laser hair removal system the clinic you are researching uses, because all of these factors can influence the overall outcome of your procedure. Only when you have all the information can you truly make an informed decision about undergoing laser hair removal treatments for Hair Laser NY Removal as an example.

Shaving… Shaving is the simplest and least invasive form of hair removal, so many individuals choose to shave their unwanted hair on a daily basis. Whether you are shaving facial hair, Shaving Pubic Hair, shaving leg hair or shaving any other areas, if you need to get rid of hair quickly, then shaving is your best option. One of the most popular areas for men and women to shave is the pubic area. Many individuals do opt to use Pubic Shaving as their main form of hair removal in the pubic area because Pubic Hair Shaving can greatly vary from person to person. Whether you are shaving the pubic area or any other area, using clean razors and Shaving Cream will help you to reduce the risk of redness and razor bumps so that all you take away from your shaving experience is smooth, hair free skin.

Whatever your hair removal needs are... We can help by educating you about hair removal.

We appreciate your feedback... Let us know what you think of the site. Complete the feedback form and receive industry updates and special offers for permanent laser hair removal.

Learn more about the TOP FIVE (5) most popular laser hair removal treatment areas... Laser Hair Removal Back treatments, Laser Hair Removal Bikini treatments, Laser Facial Hair Removal treatments, Laser Hair Removal Legs treatments and Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip Treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Training... We offer Laser Hair Removal Training for Physicians, Nurses, Electrologists and Medical Assistants. Check with our training centers for current state regulations on Laser Hair Removal Training.

All About Eczema

Rick was exhausted. Increased stress at school, home, and work had made him extremely tired. It also made his skin act up. Not again, he thought — not another eczema flare-up!

Eczema is a common skin problem. If you have eczema or think you might have it, here's how to deal with it.

Some Skin Facts

Your skin, which protects your organs, muscles, and bones and regulates your body temperature, can run into plenty of trouble. Acne occurs when your pores become clogged. But zits aren't the only skin problem you may encounter. Have you ever tried a new type of soap and developed an itchy rash? That reaction may just be eczema in action.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema (pronounced: ek-zeh-ma) is a group of skin conditions that cause skin to become red, irritated, itchy, and sometimes develop small, fluid-filled bumps that become moist and ooze.

There are many forms of eczema, but atopic (pronounced: ay-tah-pik) eczema is one of the most common and severe. Doctors don't know exactly what causes atopic eczema, also called atopic dermatitis (pronounced: der-muh-tie-tis), but they think it could be a difference in the way a person's immune system reacts to things. Skin allergies may be involved in some forms of eczema.

If you have eczema, you're probably not the only person you know who has it. Eczema isn't contagious like a cold, but most people with eczema have family members with the condition. Researchers think it's inherited or passed through the genes. In general, eczema is fairly common — approximately 1 in 10 people in the world will be affected by it at some point in their lives.

People with eczema also may have asthma and certain allergies, such as hay fever. For some, food allergies (such as allergies to cow's milk, soy, eggs, fish, or wheat) may bring on or worsen eczema. Allergies to animal dander, rough fabrics, and dust may also trigger the condition in some people.

Hair Removal

As you browse the aisles of your local drugstore, you may feel a little dizzy. Next to the dozens of products devoted to making the hair on your head thicker or shinier, you’ll see dozens more promising to get rid of unwanted hair. So which hair removal methods work best? And do you need any of them?

Different Types of Hair

Before removing hair, it helps to know about the different types of hair on our bodies. All hair is made of keratin, a hard protein that's also found in your fingernails and toenails. Hair growth begins beneath the surface of your skin at a hair root inside a hair follicle, a small tube in the skin.

You have two types of hair on your body. Vellus hair is soft, fine, and short. Most women have vellus hair on their chest, back, and face. It can be darker and more noticeable in some women than others, especially those with darker complexions. Vellus hair helps the body maintain a steady temperature by providing some insulation.

Terminal hair is coarser, darker, and longer than vellus hair. It's the type of hair that grows on your head. Around puberty, terminal hair starts to grow in the armpits and pubic region. On guys, terminal hair begins to grow on the face and other parts of the body such as the chest, legs, and back. Terminal hair is there to provide cushioning and protection.

In some cases, excess hair growth, called hirsutism (pronounced: hur-soo-tih-zum), may be the result of certain medical conditions. In girls, polycystic ovary syndrome and other hormonal disorders can cause dark, coarse hair to grow on the face, especially the upper lip and chin, as well as on the chest, belly, and back. Some medications, like anabolic steroids, also can cause hirsutism.

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Celebrity Reviews Kratae Supaksorn Chaimongkol

Supaksorn Chaimongkol (Thai: ศุภักษร ไชยมงคล) is a Thai model and actress. Her nickname is “Kratae”. Supaksorn Chaimongko film roles include Kunpan: Legend of the Warlord, Art of the Devil and Andaman Girl, all under director Thanit Jitnukul. In 2007, she starred in the spy-action comedy, Chai Lai, directed by Poj Arnon, and the martial arts drama Brave, featuring Thai stunt actor Pairote Boongerd (Mike B.) and Malaysian comedian Afdlin Shauki. In 2008, she starred in Handle Me With Care, a romantic drama written and directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee.

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