Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Clarins Winter 2010

Barocco Face Palette
Rouge Prodige Lipstick
Barocco Gold Shimmer Powder for face and Decollete
Barocco Eye Colour Trio
Oh my gosh! These are just beautiful! Not sure when they're coming out, but am predicting a queue when they do. I never stop loving innovative presentation in beauty.

Erm...Separated At Birth? Muji Face Massager and Sarah Chapman The Facialift

Muji Face Massager
Sarah Chapman Facialift
I see so many beauty products and every now and again you see things that are very similar, but even I choked on my cornflakes when I saw these two. The Sarah Chapman The Facialift is £24 (cough) and the Muji Face Massager is £6.95. Maybe it's just me but with the exception of a couple more wheels on the SC one (and not sure what that will do that is £17 worth of difference) and a tappy thing on the end it looks like much the same thing. The price anomoly however is staggering. How can one cost so much and the other so little, especially as they are both quite likely to be knocked out in China for a fraction of retail? Baffled.

The Olfactory Geek: Andy Tauer

Right, I think I just met one of the very, very few fragrancers who doesn't complicate everything with a massive ego. Andy Tauer is basically a regular guy; bit of a boffin (PHD in chemistry says so) who worked in IT and made fragrances for friends and family as a hobby. He's not a bullshitter, he's not trying to convince anyone his products were passed through the eye of a needle at midnight by scented elves, but my goodness he is coming up with some pretty amazing fragrances. His blog, www.tauerperfumes.com/blog is now legendary in perfume circles (and is what put him on the fragrance map after it was discovered by Luca Turin) and really was the key to his success. Charting his journey from fragrance hobbyist to radical perfumier, it's fascinating. And, he's just basically a very, very nice man. We wanted to chat about our shared love of rabbits (mine both met a disasterous end), but a) the PR quivered with horror when we diversified away from the set menu, and b) there was another journalist there who looked like he wasn't really a rabbit man, so unfortunately bunny tales will have to wait. But, I think that illustrates the point that he's such an affable, pleasant guy that you can just chat about such randomness and he was perfectly happy. Try that with someone like, say Serge Lutens, who is now so far into his own ego that he's taken to refusing to tell anyone what's actually in his fragrance. A concept that clearly he thinks is reclusive and exclusive, and I personally think is ridiculously pointless.

Right, back to Andy. The perfumes. Okay, there are eight scents, all of which could be described as contemporary. My tie-favourite; La Maroc Pour Elle is so heady, so flamboyant and so weighty that it's is almost unbearable...but that's the point - it isn't quite. A bit like a man you keep going back to, even though you know he's bad for you; every common sense tells you no, but you're drawn and drawn. So, I can't ramble like this about every fragrance so I'll zip through the next two...L'Air du Desert Morocain and Reverie Au Jardin - both beautiful, imaginative and intensely wearable. Then there's Lonestar Memories. A backdrop of tar macadam notes, bonfire remains, carrot seed and main culprit for this collision of dryness, Birch Tar. It's the Marmite fragrance in the pack. Next up, Incense Extreme - I didn't find it as extreme as its namesake, but then I was probably still reeling from La Maroc. Incense Rose, however, is freakishly fizzing, powdery, rose laden and woody all at once, and completely remarkable. I've never smelled anything in my life quite like this. If I had to liken it to an image, a memory or a vision, I'd bring forth an elegant eldery woman with a dominatrix past. There's really something about this scent that's old fashioned but wickedly forward. Finally, Vetiver Dance left me completely cold...nothing there for me, and Orange Star is gorgeously wearable, juicy, orangey and a backdrop of violet flowers wraps it all up into a bundle of smiles.

It's not cheap, any of it, (£90 a bottle) but it has never seen a factory production line (Andy makes all the perfume himself, at home), doesn't come with any high opinions of itself and will challenge every olfactory expectation. It really doesn't come much better than this.

At www.lessenteurs.com from mid-July.

Simple Graduation Hairstyles

2010 Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles
Graduation is the start of better opportunities and higher. With a special hair style can make you more confident on the day of graduation. Because surely you would remember graduation photograph them. Officially, you can use a popular hair style, but if it is more simple and convenient to use a simple hair style.

All Shapes And Sizes

Since today's post on the subject of blagging, I've spoken with several PRs who all have stories to tell of audacious sample snatching, that are NOTHING to do with bloggers! The best story is that for several years running, two elderly ladies used to rock up at a well-known bath and body brand's events. They'd make a huge fuss of the products, drink and eat as much as they possibly could, leave with a laden goodie bag and promise to give everything an amazing write up. While never keen to interact with the PRs all that much, they attended absolutely everything hosted by that brand. It took, apparantly, several events for the brand and the PRs to realise that the two were absolutely nothing to do with the beauty industry at all. Both the PR and the client had each thought they'd been invited by the other, and neither know how they came to be there and even to this day, who they are!

Tribal Hair Style

Tribal Hair Style
Tribal Hair Style
Tribal Hair Style
Tribal Hair Style

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo new hair trends in 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most stylish portuguese footballer of the world. He is always in new for having one of the sexiest hairstyles in the world. Ronaldo's current hairstyles is called as Fau Hawk. It has achieved a lot of popularity among youngsters. Now see below :

Medium Bob Hairstyles for Sexy Women

Short Hairstyles, 2010 Hairstyles
Medium bob hair styles are suitable for you who love the classic style. Such classic hair styles are more trendy and sleek, stylish bob this is really popular among adult women. Can be formed with asymmetrical and symmetrical pieces.

Whoops, Blaggers.

I've had several phone calls over the past couple of weeks from brands seeing an increasing amount of their product appear on blog sales and Ebay. They ask me what to do. Given that I spend a spectacular amount of time championing blogs as worthwhile beauty critiques in an industry that is nervous to say the least about letting their products go to an unknown quanitity; I'm just gutted. Behind the scenes, blogging is still viewed as a risky avenue to go down for brands and I have literally spent hours and hours convincing people otherwise, and that bloggers do deserve samples for all the time they spend promoting brands and for their sheer passion and love of beauty. And also that beauty bloggers do have a rightful place in the beauty industry. All on my own time, by the way; there's no pay packet.

So, when I hear that pre-launch products are popping up on Ebay, I just despair really. Where is your place in the beauty industry if all you're going to do is use it as a handy little money maker? And, worse still, it tars all beauty bloggers with the same brush. There are amazing bloggers out there, making a true landmark in the beauty arena, whose sites are respected and loved, but when your Ebay sales tracks straight back to your blog, you've instantly lost any respect you've built up.

The brand that phoned me today is one that owns several other sub-brands. They're taking a hard line policy and refusing to send product to any blogs that are selling their products, and all I can do is agree with them. This company looks after 8 best selling, prestige beauty brands. Products sent for review are exactly that; sent for review because you love beauty, right? Not for pocket money. It's upsetting beyond belief that some bloggers are laughing all the way to the bank with this 'blogging lark'.

However, I do see that it's easy to lose respect for the products bloggers receive when some brands literally shower anyone and everyone with product hoping for a quantity not quality effect. But every brand has budgets to work to, and only so many samples to go round. If one small brand uses its budget to send product out to bloggers who then sell the product, you can see why they wish they'd sent it elsewhere. Brands - and particularly the PRs - tend to be passionate and protective about their products; the last place they want to ever see it is on Ebay, especially if its a prestige brand, and the second last place is on a blog sale.

Lastly, I'll say that every single brand that I know of uses Google alerts and every time you sell something they do actually know about it.

When I talk to brands about how to work with bloggers, one of the things I always say is that they should treat bloggers with respect; now, I have to say treat the ones that deserve it with respect.

What more can I say?

PS: Subsequently, several pre-launch collections have been tracked back on Ebay - to journalists, and not in these instances, to bloggers. We all know that this goes on from the factory floor to the beauty desk, but unless the Ebay beauty sellers quit this horrible habit (that actually takes place in all industries and not just beauty) and just give away - or discretely 'dispose of' their products, it gives everyone a bad rap. Bloggers and journalists who wouldn't dream of Ebaying their products don't need to fall under the catch-all blagger umbrella when it's hard enough as it is to adequately valued for what we're doing.

Senin, 28 Juni 2010

No7 Limited Edition Smoky Eyeliner A/W 2010

This little product doesn't look like anything exciting at all, but I have just done the easiest ever smoky line on my upper lids close to the lashline. It just glides on in a perfect charcoal streak. The formula is a powder (absolutely no drop) and the rubber tip is completely flexible so it moves with the skin, not against it. It comes out at Boots on 11th August, £10. I'm not often so impressed, and think this is a make up bag must-have for fool proof lining.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gris Cashmere

Love this colour - it's just completely perfect for the coffee/cream look coming up for autumn. It's out 1st September in Superdrug for £5.49, No.30. It's a one coat formula - but I'm on a nail polish ban at the moment to try and get my nails in some kind of condition to start wearing all these fab new shades, so I haven't put it yet to the test. At the moment they are splitting, flaking and failing to impress!

Dior A/W 2010 Beauty

My favourite item from the Dior A/W 2010 is the gorgeous logo laden duo, Silver Screen in smoky black and sparkling silver. I've actually had a little play with this and it creates an intense and shimmering eye with an even application.

The 5 Couleurs Designer in 808 Pink Design is made to resemblem professional make-up artist palettes for a graphic eye look.

And, there's a limited edition Ultra Gloss in Tailored Mauve and several new shades of Serum De Rouge, but these are all the images I have at the moment. More later!

Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Gorgeous Short Blonde Summer Hairstyle from Jessica Alba

Short Hairstyles, 2010 HairstylesGorgeous Short Blonde Summer Hairstyle from Jessica Alba

Bakel Pure Act Oil Cleanser

I'm a really big fan of Bakel; if I didn't have to try lots of different products, Bakel is defintely one that I'd consider using long term. I was excited to receive the newest product, Pure Act Oil Cleanser, which is suitable for all skin types. It is seriously one of the softest oils I've ever used to cleanse. It is gorgeous and doesn't alter skin's natural moisture levels but your complexion will feel remarkably soft afterwards. I've used it with the Clarisonic and without, and either way it removed every spot of make up and grime. Lovely, lovely!

There isn't all that much information on exactly what's in it..the packaging says vegetable oils, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. But it is worth taking note that the formula doesn't contain perfume, preservatives, perfumes, colourants, alcohol, sulfants, PEG, PPG or that biggest of blogger bug-bears, Silicone.

You'll find Bakel at Harvey Nichols and SpaceNK where the cleanser launches in a few weeks time.

The Bed of Nails

Right, well it took me a little while indeed to summon up the courage - or even the willingness - to have a go at this 'relaxation' tool. It works apparantly by targeting accupressure points and the pressure of the rounded nails (6000 of them) against these points releases endorphins and oxytocin. Once I'd gingerly lain down on the mat I have to say that it did hurt; not excruciatingly as you might expect from, er, nails, but it was not a comfortable experience. However, while there was underlying discomfort throughout, I did start to notice a mild tingling sensation that wasn't unpleasant but did make me see the time limit (20 minutes) through in the hopes that it was doing some good. Oddly, the tingling was mostly in the pelvic region and lower back - a very weird experience let me tell you! It also made my whole back feel warm. While it is billed to be energy stimulating, I can't say I felt any more energetic, but even if it's only attribute is that it makes me lie still for 20 minutes, then it's well worth it. You can't wriggle about at all, you lie literally stock still, and that has to be beneficial. At the end of the session, my back was covered in tiny indentations that didn't last long at all, but you might not want to do this and then wear your best backless dress, for example. They cost £49 from www.bedofnails.org.

NB: I'm looking at my mat now thinking 'there's no way that it has 6000 points', but I really can't be bothered to count them all just to prove a point. Let's just say there are enough.

Duty Free Spree

Probably the only compenstation for being in a hot, crowded airport at stupid o'clock, is the Duty Free shopping. I love taking a palette on holiday - it's a great time to experiment with colours; usually I have a bit more time to faff about with shading and lining, so to do it with a 'new' palette is double the pleasure. The girls from Duty Free have been in touch with a range of exclusive products that you can't get on the high street and there isn't one I don't like and wouldn't want as a great addition to my make up stash. It's always very difficult to get Duty Free products featured in magazines or newspapers because they are only available if you're heading airside at airports and that restricts the number of readers that it would be of interest to. That said, if anythings going to give me a frisson of excitement about going to an airport, Duty Free anticipation is it. I need to say that these products are available in World Duty Free, Biza and Alpha airport shops.
Lancome Magic Voyage
This palette is £31.70
Dior Travel Studio

Loving this...it's got everything! £40.
Chanel 4 Fleurs Palette
Really, how can you resist this Chanel palette, £30.

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Deep Wave Weave Hair Styles For Black women

Deep Wave Weave Hair Styles
For Black women
Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles
For Black women

Kids Hairstyles : Cute Girls Beautiful Hairstyles

From toddlers to teenagers girl’s haircuts can range from short to long and in between and there is a style for every hair length. When choosing a hairstyle for your little princess, it is best to decide what length you want and a style that does not make her look older than her age, of course you would not put a highlighted bob on a 3 year old right?

girls hairstyle cute girls hairstyle
girls hairstyle girls cute long hair style
girls hairstyle girls curly hairstyle
girls hairstyle cute girls long curly hair style
girls hairstyle

Long Blonde Hairstyles 2010 by Jessica Alba

2010 Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles
Long Blonde Hairstyles 2010 by Jessica Alba

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Shiseido's New Colours

Shiseido's new colour launch takes place in the US in August, but I'm not too sure about the UK. Created by Dick Page and inspired by his travels, the translucent trios contain Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE (don't ask me!), to keep give eyes a moisturised look. When they're laid out like this, of course, I want the lot!
Photo Credit: wwd.com

Vogue Lipgloss for Sephora

I spotted these gorgeous tins of balm (at EU9.90) on French Sephora, although I think I've also seen them on the US site. They're currently sold out on the site, but may still be available in store. It's to celebrate 90 years of Vogue covers. The cynic in me thinks, 'yep, the best way to celebrate 90 years of the world's most famous and iconic magazine obviously IS to knock out some ten euro lipbalm tins...', but on the other hand, I would actually like one of these.

Trendy and Cool David Beckham Hairstyles 2010

2010 Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles
Trendy and Cool David Beckham Hairstyles 2010

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Messy Glam Rock Curly Hairstyles

Glam Rock is one of the most popular new style waves that popped up both on the red carpet as well as the runway. Those who are fond of the messy Glam Rock curly hair styles will have the thrill to find out the versatile looks above and their smashing effect on a plain look. Long hair would serve as the best source to pull off the fascinating dos as well as offer some volume and dimension to the lock. A signature do is both flattering and up to date therefore it is important to take a closer glimpse at the hyper-voguish hair style ideas below.

For More information click here

Jennifer Aniston Looks with Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles, 2010 Hairstyles
Jennifer Aniston Looks with Long Blonde Hairstyles

Nars Multiple Tints

I've been road testing these gorgeous tints, that on first sight look a little loud. But, they're remarkably sheer and I've been able to wear each one of them with no problem at all. I'd have loved it if they'd done a smaller size three-pack because a) it's hard to choose just one, and b) they're huge. They're exclusively at Liberty (also on-line). The orange one is named Turks & Caicos, the peachy/pink is Beverly Hills and the true bubblegum pink, Cadaques. They're a slightly wince-making £27 each.

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