Kamis, 30 September 2010

Nail Rock Nail Wraps

In keeping with my current all-things-nails obsession, I love these home wraps from Nail Rock. I have had a little go - and was worse than useless it has to be said - but that doesn't reflect the product, I don't think. Created by nail expert Zoe Pocock, the wraps need to be filed down to size once on the nail - after a blow with a hot hair dryer to adhere them correctly. If you can master the technique, the effects are amazing. Find them for a very reasonable £6.50 at ASOS.

Rabu, 29 September 2010

2010 Medium Haircut and Hairstyles Trends

Many women loves medium hairstyles for their hair. Many types of hairstyles and haircut are given below.

Curly Hairstyle Trends

Straight Medium Haircuts

Waves : The most popular hairstyle trend

Newest 2010 Hairstyle trend : Bangs

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham is the main principle of fashion. She is a fashion designer and wife of the most popular footballer David Beckham. She has taken new haistyles every year that makes her beautiful and hot. She use straight,wavy,curly,short hairstyles. Now see below for her hairstyles.....

Scene Haircut Ideas

If you want to do your hair shortly then you need to see some photos of short hair. I give here some of Short haircut ideas photos. You can choose anyone from here if you want to see your hairs beautiful. Now see below the hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles for Women

Modern Medium Layered Hair Styles Summer 2010-2011

Modern Medium Layered Hair Styles is a choppy hairstyles. This hairstyles makes a women beautiful. So that many women likes this hairstyles very much in the time of Summer. Now see below this hairstyles for your hair.


Anna Sui Make Up

I absolutely love this brand and wish almost weekly that it would come back to the UK. The packaging and innovations are gorgeous - who wouldn't want a little collection of Anna? I found these on the Japanese Anna Sui site.

Precision Nails Christmas 2010: The Sprinkles Collection

There's a cake theme going on here - odd for Christmas, but anything cake-related is fine for me! Pick from Taupe It Off With Sprinkles, Hansel & Gretel, Red Velvet Cupcake, After Dinner Mints, Shake Your Bon Bon or 18 Carat Cake.

The one I have my eye on is Taupe It Off With Sprinkles - I love taupes so would like to see how it wears with a hefty shot of metallic shimmer added in.

Perfect Braid Hairstyle by Penelope Cruz’s

Hairstyles 2010, Long Hairstyles
Perfect Braid Hairstyle by Penelope Cruz’s

Selasa, 28 September 2010

Tess Daly Skincare

Tess Daly's range for M&S has been a spectacular success so far - the Daily Face glow sold out twice when it was first launched. But, now it seems every beauty product has a celebrity behind it and some are clearlt more involved than others. I remember going to a (minor) celebrity fragrance launch and despite about a hundred press releases professing that the celebrity was 'deeply involved' in picking the ingredients, the celeb couldn't actually remember what was in it. Hmmm. So, I'm always a little bit cynical when a product is 'made by a sleb'.

I had tea with Tess Daly today to launch her new skincare range for Tess Daly Beauty at Marks & Spencer. I surprised myself by being a tad star struck and stuttering a bit before we actually got into a conversation. She is passionate about the range but she's not kidding anyone that she's mixing it up in the lab, hovering over ever single ingredient that's droppered into the bottles. What she does do though, is be very specific about what she wants, and tests, tests and tests until she gets it. I loved the fact that she totally shares my horror of chunks of glitter in products and knows perfectly well that there is a way difference between glowy skin and tinsel-face. So, the product I picked up and instantly loved isn't actually a new one; it's the Daly Body Sheen Silky Finish Highlighting Balm, £15, that smells, well, lovely actually. With a blend of jasmine and vanilla for fragrance, you won't find a single glitter shard in this; it's a sheen and no more. But, it is a beautiful sheen that does give skin a truly glowy finish. From the new range, I also liked Daly Light, £9.50, to highlight the face. It has the same sheer finish as Body Sheen, but in a formula that is more appropriate for the face, and acts like an illuminating veil, in a way that is as good as, if not better, than more pricy counterparts. Lastly, I liked Daly Tint, £12; a tinted moisturiser giving sheer coverage. It's not quite coverage enough for me but can see it being a brilliant mixer for foundation when you need something to rev up the glow.

While there are a couple of other new products - a night cream called Daly Repair, £12, and day cream, Daly Protect, £12 - I didn't get a chance to test those out properly - a dab on the hand doesn't tell you anything much really.

But, what was striking about Tess was that, confronted with 12 beauty journalists and writers, she still managed to get stuck into general chat after telling us about her range. We talked nails, kids and Strictly, ate cream scones (she had half!) and we even talked about blogging - 'It's the future', she said. She was funny about the Daly Legs cream in which her own legs are pictured (and airbrushed) and isn't sure that she is looking forward to the future launch of her bum toning cream because it will be her own bottom staring out from the shelves of M&S - that's got to be un-nerving!

Beautiful Braid Hairstyle for Homecoming Moment

Hairstyles 2010, Long Hairstyles
Beautiful Braid Hairstyle for Homecoming Moment

Senin, 27 September 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Lip Jewels Palette

Oh, oh! Dolce & Gabbana Make Up has SO stepped it up with this gorgeously jewelled palette. Meet the Lip Jewels Classic Cream Lipstick Quartet. Pat McGrath, Stefano and Domenico worked together to come up with every woman’s favourite colours, which made their debut on the Milan SS catwalk.


Not sure when it’s launching here but with rock sized jewels and perfect shades, I’m guessing it’s going to be in time for Christmas – I hope so anyway.

Credit: http://www.palacinka.com/ has more pics from the runway!

Beauty By Robot

Ok, so I didn't know that Panasonic is noted for its robot technology. But, turns out they don't just make TVs. They've recently been contributing to the beauty world by inventing a robotic hair washer. Yes, really. You stick your head in the basin and two robot arms guide 16 fingers with, it is claimed, the same dexterity as human fingers. Sensors scan the person's head to measure its shape and ensure the right amount of pressure is applied when washing and rinsing. The robot also remembers your head shape and massion tension preferences for your next wash.

Panasonic have developed this really as an implement to aid in the care of the elderly and infirm, but I'm thinking that those are the people who would most welcome the human touch, and not appreciate being shoved into an automatic washer. They will be tumble drying them next.

On the other hand, as was pointed out on Twitter, it might be a bit like having your hair washed in the Orgasmatron, in which case that's a whole other thing.

Curly and Short Black Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles, Hairstyles 2010
Curly and Short Black Hairstyles

Minggu, 26 September 2010

YSL Manicure Couture - Sorted!

Yes! At last, I've mastered the Couture Nails....but needed help! I ordered some nail guides from the internet and they've turned what was a complete frustration into an absolute breeze. Here, I'm using the Duo Belle de Nuit; a very deep aubergine shade, tipped with gold. The brushes are angled to make free hand couturing easier but even with that, I just couldn't get them as precision as this look needs to be. With the nail guides though, it's a whole other story. I used two coats of aubergine over the entire nail and then a coat of Seche Vite. I gave it a few minutes to completely dry and then added the nail guides, moving them around until they were in exactly the right place. Then I added two coats of gold and another coat of Seche before removing the guides. I'd recommend that with this last process, you give the whole thing plenty of time to thoroughly dry - I was in such an impatient rush that the gold wasn't completely dried out. I then put a further coat of Seche over the entire thing to fuse it all together properly. Result!

Eva Longoria's hair style looks elegant with full curls that hang over the shoulder

Long Hairstyles, Hairstyles 2010
Eva Longoria's hair style looks elegant with full curls that hang over the shoulder

Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Emo Long Bonde Hairstyles

Emo long bonde hairstyles is a beautiful hairstyles. See below

Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Women who is black can use these types of hairstyles. These gives a black women perfect looking. So now see the hairstyles given below and use one from here.

Long Emo Hairstyles

Many women likes Long Emo Hairstyles. They want to use these types of hairstyles. I give many types of Long Emo Hairsyles. You can see this hairstyles below and use these types of hairstyles to make you a beautiful women. So now see below.....

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