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Bachelorette Brief

For the next several weeks, Tuesdays post will most likely be about the ABC show The Bachelorette. I am obsessed. I love this show. I don't care if it's real or fake or scripted or if it works out or doesn't work out---it entertains the crap out of me! I missed the first two weeks of the show (don't worry my BFF dvr recorded them for me) and now I'm caught up and ready to give you my two-sense.

Let's start with the Bachelorette herself:



Ali was my early favorite on Jake's season until she started getting consumed with her hatred against Vienna. I mean I get it, we all hated Vienna but she was supposed to be there to fall in love with Jake not prevent him from falling in love with Vienna. So she sort of bugged me. It was pretty obvious that after she left she would be the next Bachelorette and I was ok with that. Now, as this season progresses I'm starting to like her more. I think she's just a normal girl, which I like. Her excessive laughing and weird whine thing she does bugs me, but other than that I'm a fan. I love that she was just chillin' drinking Coors Light with the boys in last night's episode. I hope she finds what she's looking for and it works out. I like her. One other quick thing, I wish they'd stop putting her in the super long ballgown type dresses, she looks completely awkward and uncomfortable in them....she's sort of a tomboy but she's gorgeous, so put her in some smokin' hot little short dresses, these crazy prom dresses just aren't working. 

And now, for the boys.... 


Chris L. was my favorite from the very first episode when they did the little pre-meeting Ali story on him. He is from Cape Cod and is extremely close to his family, especially after his mom passed away a year and a half ago. His is sooooooo good looking AND after this third episode his personality is really starting to show! Did anyone see the very end, when they show the extra clips of him diving on the floor trying to catch the mouse! I was dying of laughter! So cute! Love him, love him, love him!

Roberto, I think is definitely Ali's front runner right now. He is bea-u-ti-ful! He's super sweet and Ali just lights up every time she sees him, is with him or is talking about him. Unfortunately (for the rest of us girls) they have an obvious connection and already act very coupley around each other.

It's too early in the season to make a prediction but here's what I would like to happen. I would like Chris and Roberto to be the final two. Ali chooses Roberto and they live happily ever after and then Chris becomes the next Bachelor and we all get to see him for another full season! Yes? Thank you.

Dark Horse:

Kirk is my pick for the dark horse. Until last night's episode I had no idea who this guy was and then all of a sudden Ali spent half the show making out with him. The physical chemistry is DEFINITELY there and from what I've seen of his interviews it seems like he has a great personality to match. I think if him and Ali click without their lips locked he could be around for a lonnnnng time.


I know Justin is supposed to be the villain of the house but I kind of like him.  I still can't decide if he's there for the right reasons or not. He's definitely competitive and I wonder if this is more of a game to be won than actually trying to fall in love. There always has to be someone to cause drama in the house and with his "Entertainment Wrestling" job title he's the obvious choice. I'm going to have to keep me eye on this one...but for now he's actually one of my favorites.


I started out thinking Frank was a total goon, then after his one-on-one date with Ali, he kind of grew on me. Now I want to punch him in the face. There's always one super jealous one who can't deal with the Bachelor(ette) seeing other people. WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?!  This is the entire premise of the show! You know going in that there are 24 other people trying to date the same person you are. Just because you got the first one-on-one and it went well doesn't mean you've won the show! Ugh, he's driving me nuts. Hopefully, Ali will get just as sick of his whining and let him go soon! I do, however, think he'll be safe for sure one more week maybe a couple more.

What is up with Kasey? I don't want to sound mean, but is there something wrong with him? His voice is very strange! If he has some kind of problem, then I'm very sorry. But if he doesn't, what the heck?! I don't know about this guy, besides his voice he just kind of creeps me out! And did you see the previews for next week? He comes to a date with bandages around his wrist? What?! Hmmm, I hope he's alright but he straight up gives me the heebie jeebies!

Jonathan aka "The Weatherman," Craig and Kasey are my votes for "get the heck off the show!" Weatherman is just there to be the weirdo, Craig has absolutely no purpose and I don't see and OUNCE of interest in him from Ali and Kasey is the creep-o. I don't know how many she gets rid of next week, but these are the 3 that should go!

What do you think? Who are your early favorites? Who can't you stand? I need to know, I'm too obsessed with this show!

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