Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Beautifull Actress Laila Zuberi

Laila Zuberi is a pakistani TV Actress .Laila Zuberi was one of the most beautiful Actress of Pakistan. She is beautiful , sober and a graceful lady People call her evergreen beauty .Laila Zuberi, an evergreen lady who has been the centre of attraction of TV audiences for the last 22 years, is still charming.She started her career as a child star and child broadcaster.She married and she has two daughters. Currently she is living with her family in Islamabad.She is a very talented and verstyle actress .Laila zuberi started production and aunched her production house in 1999. She proved her skill in production . Laila Zuberi is a very nice person and she is also known as a social activist.

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