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Celebrity Bob Haircuts

Celebrity Bob Haircuts
- Bob Hairstyle Will Be "In" in 2009

The bob hairdo is becoming incredibly popular and trendy today. It is a fun haircut that is easy to make, easy to maintain and easy to adapt with tweaks and twists. No wonder it’s catching on in the celebrity sweepstakes!
Bobs do more with less, removing hair length and making any small adjustments seem greater. They were invented way back in the 1920’s, coming to the fore with the silent movie star Clara Bow, the “It” girl. Perhaps you have a fondness for the old Clark Gable movies? Well, that’s a classic bob worn by Claudette Colbert in “It happened One Night,” his biggest hit.
If you add the slightest fillip to the ends of the sides, you get the incredibly beautiful retro look enjoyed by Jessica Simpson several months ago. The singer Rhianna recently inverted a bob at an awards ceremony, and has been credited with spurring the rise of interest in bobs with her entrance that night.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Victoria Beckham Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham, sometimes known as Posh Spice, was one of the first to adopt an inverted bob on the heels of Rhianna’s sensational appearance. Bobs have been worn blunted by Elisa Cuthbert, and layered with extra length by Jennifer Anniston. In foreign films, Audrey Tautou was international sensation with her classic bob in the hit, “Amelie.”
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Audrey Tautou Hair

She then attended several awards with a new version of her bob, shortened up and given curls, a daring move. There is no doubt that the bob will dominate celebrity hairstyles for some to come!

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