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Egg Salad

My effort to eat healthier and get J to eat healthier mixed with the amount of time I spend watching the Food Network at work has insprired me to start trying new recipes and creating my own (see the "Move Over Rachael Ray" post) The hardest thing for Jason and I is to make healthy food decisions during the day. We're at Coffee Buzz so much that we're either eating the food we have here which, while delicious is not the healitest. Otherwise, we're running out and grabbing something, which usually isn't the healiest either. So I decided to try my hand at creating my own Egg Salad. I'm a huge egg salad fan but I am very picky about it and it's typically not all that healthy for you, until now....

Egg Salad (makes 8 servings) 


*10 hard boiled eggs (Try using Farm Fresh Organic Eggs...the calories are the same but they are much healthier for your body and for the chickens they came from)
*3 Celery Stalks
*6-8 Baby Hot & Sweet Jalapeño Pickles (add more or less depending on your love for pickles!)
*1/4 of an Onion
*1/3 cup of CANOLA Mayonaise (Canola mayo has NO saturated fat or trans fat and has half the fat of regular mayonnaise. It's also cholesterol free! Plus it is made with the goodness of Canola Oil, so it is naturally rich in Omega 3)
*2 tablespoons Mustard (I reccomend using just regular generic old mustard--it's calorie free unlike those yummy fancier mustards)

*First, hard-boil the eggs. Make sure to let them sit in the fridge for about an hour after so they cool and firm up
*Next, chop up your celery, onion and pickles and throw them in a food proccessor. I like to add just half a cap full of vinegar to add a little tang, then I season the veggies with Salt, Pepper and some Lawry's Seasoned Salt
*Next, chop up the veggies creating a relish like mixture. You don't want to chop them too fine or they'll create a liquid. Chop them just small enough so the flavors will be balanced throughout the salad.
*After that I slice up the hard boiled eggs. I just break down the yolks by hand then slice the whites. I like big chunks of egg, so cut them as big or as fine as you prefer.
*Next add the eggs, mayo and mustard to the relish. Take a taste and add more salt and pepper to your liking!

*Throw it on Sara Lee's "45 Calories and Delightful 100% Multi Grain Bread" with some lettuce and you have a delicious lunch for right around 200 calories!

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