Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Today was a busy day at The Buzz, all of our kitchen equipment came! Our back room actually looks like a back room! There was a slight problem though, which is a bummer. There is a requirement by the city that there needs to be at least a three foot walkway between all walls, equipment, etc. There was some mis-measuring in the back room and there is only two and a half feet in between our hand sink and shelves. The good news is it's a very easy fix, we can just scoot down the shelving to create the space. The bad news is that moving the shelves only leaves us three feet for our desk. That's not only a tiny desk but we need room for a file cabinet and a safe. Needless to say, it's going to be crammed back there. Hopefully, we'll be so busy up front we won't really need to be in the back too often.

Here are a couple of pictures of how it's looking today: 

Check out that bakery case!
Back room-that's the freezer on the right. 
Other side of the back room-that's our refrigerator and our ice machine!

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