Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

First Walk of the Year

People always say that you're more likely achieve your weight loss goals if you do it with someone else, lucky for me one of my favorite friends has some extra winter weight to shed as well.

My dog, Bailey, has been cooped up all winter trying to expunge all of her puppy energy within the walls of our townhouse. Today was the first day of the week that it wasn’t raining and the first day of the week that I had a chance to sleep in. So, Bailey and I went for our first walk of the year. We normally walk a dog path in a huge park, called Highlands, right by our house but with my 500 mile goal I needed to walk a path that I could keep track of mileage on. We walked a huge loop near our house which ended up being 4.5 miles! I am also super excited because I found an app on my phone that can keep track of your time and distance on a walk/run using the GPS already in the phone, so next time Bailey and I can walk our usual trail.
Thanks to some Coffee Buzz patrons I found out that there is a path behind the shop that runs all the way to Lake Calhoun, which is one of my favorite places to take the pooch in the summer. I cannot wait to explore the path and get to the lake. I’ll need to take a few more neighborhood walk before we can take that venture, however. Bailey has only been through one summer of walking and she was only a baby, so I am going to need to re-teach her some walking on a leash manners.
This morning got me so excited for Summer, I love the quality time I get with Bailey on our walks and I love how happy she is before, during and after even more. That 500 mile mark is looking closer in sight now that my little buddy and I are able to walk together!

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