Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Frontcover Custom Palette

I like the Frontcover baked shadows - they're easy to use and give a good, silky colour payoff at a reasonable price (and there always seem to be offers around on the big multi-shadow boxes). The new customisable palette is a great idea - pick your own colours so you don't end up with the-shade-you-never-use that seem to lurk in most palettes.

The marine colours shown here are gorgeous...and from the chart shown, I could easily pick out a quad that wouldn't have the obligatory duff colour. If you buy the empty compact, £5, and four shades - normally £4 each - you can get the whole set for £15, saving £6. Find it in Boots from March (or get in a sneaky purchase on line now at Boots.com).

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