Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

A Girl Can Dream

I like to spend some of my very limited free time perusing designer's websites and shopping for things I most likely will never be able to afford. It certainly is fun to look and maybe just maybe someday I'll be able to treat myself to something really magnificent. If I were to stumble upon a couple grand this afternoon I would most definitely buy one or more of the following...

 This Burberry double breasted taffeta trench coat is amazing! It's so cute, super preppy but still fun and think of all the fun scarves you could pair with it!

I am in love with these tweed patterned Chanel sunglasses. Even though i don't allow myself to buy sunglasses over $20.00 (because I lose them or break them), I could make an exception for these and I would babysit them like I would a small child!

These I am absolutely drooling over! OBSESSED! They're new Jimmy Choo's from the Fall Collection! I am praying that when I'm in NYC the end of May they'll be in the boutique so I can try them on and dream of owning them. They're just a cool $955.00, so I'm sure I can buy them by the end of May! HA! 

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