Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Happy Holidays!

The day before Christmas Eve we received the best gift there is---we closed on our loan! Things are moving forward full force now--this week and next week we will be finishing up all the wiring for our stereo, tv, secuirty, etc. Once all of this is done it's all downhill--they will paint the ceiling and finish up the walls, install the wainscot, put in the tile floors (which I think i'm most excited about!) Once all of the is done they will put in all the lights and then we just wait for all of our equipment and furniture to be delivered. Our equipment could start arriving as early as next week! I am working hard on finalizing all of those little details, like the menu, cups, our menu boards and exterior signs, wow, I guess those aren't such little details.

Here are the most recent pictures I have, as you can see, our window is installed and complete!!!

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