Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Highs and Lows

Starting your own business puts you through emotions you never knew existed. You can go from being so excited that you are shaking about something as simple as a fireplace mantel to so frustrated that you are pulling your hair out about something as simple as a bank form. There are moments you are so proud and you can't believe what you have accomplished and other moments where you just want to throw in the towel.

It's been over a year since this journey began and now that we're down to the final weeks I feel like there's still another years worth of work to get done. People (especially people I know--mom) always say, "don't sweat the small stuff." The problem with opening your own business is there is no such thing as "small stuff." Everything needs to get done, it needs to be done right, and it needs be done within a certain time frame or it has the potential to set you back weeks. This has been very much a learn-as-you-go process for me which is hard but also amazing. I can say with total confidence that I have learned more in the past 13 months than I did in 12 years of elementary/high school and 5 years of college combined. I can also say with total confidence that when we're ready for Coffee Buzz #2 it will be done in less than 6 months.

It's days like today I wish I had a punching bag hanging in my family room, but I know that if I stick it out and get through it there could be a shaking with excitement moment just around the corner. My only advice for someone opening their own business is to make sure you have a happy place. Mine? Laying in bed with my puggle dreaming of chandelier wall sconces.

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