Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Home Sick

Normally, Tuesday is my day off to get everything non-Coffee Buzz related accomplished. Today, however, this Tuesday is about trying to keep water down. That’s right kids, I’m sick. I’m home and spending my day off confined to my bed--that is when I’m not running downstairs to toss my cookies, because of course our upstairs toilet is on the fritz. As if that’s not bad enough, all I want is to rent “It’s Complicated” off of OnDemand and of course Comcast hates me and for whatever reason OnDemand isn’t working. Thankfully, HBO is playing “Bride Wars.” I forgot how much I love this movie, I mean come on…Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, New York City and weddings? This movie was made for me!And thankfully I have a friendly little puggle who doesn't mind laying in bed and snuggling ALL DAY.

So on this gloomy, rainy, sick day I thought I’d share some stuff I am dying to have…

This Demy digital recipe reader! It's so cool! You can upload all your recipes from a website, it has measurement converters! It takes up as much counter space as a 5x7 picture and has a splash resistant exterior! I must have one!

I would really, really like to have a trip here...FIJI! I am dying to go and stay in one of the glass bottom bungalows! A trip here is definitely on my bucket list. 

I am in LOVE (no pun intended) with this necklace from Tiffany & Co. designed by Paloma Picasso! It's so cute and whimsical and definitely a classic every day jewelry piece. J--if you're reading, take note! :o)

I apologize for the uninspired post, but that is about as much effort as I can put into it right now. You know I'm sick when I can't even online shop and talk about all the material things I would love to have! Good news though, "Big" one of my all time favorite movies just came on after "Bride Wars," so I'm set for a couple more hours. Maybe by the time this movie is done I will either be able to 1. Get stupid Comcast to let me order "It's Complicated" or 2. Be able to eat something solid without it coming back up.

The only good thing about being sick today is that it's better than being sick on a day I have to be at the Buzz and Tuesday is without a doubt the best TV night, so if I can get through the day with my movies I will be all set this evening with my favorite shows...

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! And be sure to wash those hands so you don't end up sick like me!

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