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Jessica Simpson Hair

Jessica Simpson Hair - The Blonde Beauty

Jessica Simpson, the great singer, comedienne and star of TV and movies, can be your best model for the fun looks that can come from an easy-going approach to big blonde hairdos. She has consistently shown herself to be willing to try new looks and play with her gorgeous yellow tresses in a lighthearted manner!
This doesn’t mean that she never makes mistakes, but it does mean that she always looks like she’s having a good time, and that is a good look to have indeed. Jessica has always had a preference for long locks, from the start of her singing career and reality show, and she makes long hair interesting not with over-the-top gimmicks, but with simple adjustments in curliness, sleekness, and the occasional ponytail!
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Jessica Simpson Ponytail Hair

She has also been able to frame her face with shorter looks without cutting off any hair, using plain and effective buns and braided buns to reveal her shoulders, cheekbones and forehead on several occasions. Updo’s have been a hit and miss option for Jessica, with one teased half-updo bringing out the sharpness of her nose and chin to fearsome levels.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Jessica Simpson Wavy Hair

However, she has also enjoyed an inspiring updo that featured five-inch long curls descending down both sides of her face, softening the pointiness of her look nicely. The overall plan behind all of these looks is easy to figure out. It’s a girl having fun with her long blonde hair! There is an innocence to Jessica’s hairdo choices that just makes you smile.

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