Minggu, 20 Februari 2011


I think I have told this story before but on the very first day that Coffee Buzz was open a man came in and announced "Hi, my name is Bruce and you don't know it yet but I'm going to be your favorite regular! I'm not buying anything but I'll be back later." We all cracked up laughing and were sure we'd never see this man again, but sure enough about an hour and a half later Bruce was back and he was right....he's our favorite regular.

Over the past six months, J and I have gotten to know and become friends with Bruce and his lovely wife Cheryl. It's people like Bruce and Cheryl that make the early mornings and the long hours totally worth it. Last night, Bruce and Cheryl were kind enough to invite J and I over for dinner.

For months, Bruce has been telling us about his Big Green Egg, which is this crazy green, ceramic, egg shaped grill and smoker. (Seriously, click on that link and check out all the stuff this thing can do!) J and I were really excited to check this thing out and try some food cooked on the Egg. Well, let me tell you....it was amazing! Bruce grilled some delicious BBQ chicken and it was exactly how I liked it cooked. It was nice and tender and juicy but the skin was nice and crispy with that delicious grilled flavor. I brought over some baby red potatoes with onions, garlic and oregano which turned out decently well, they could have been a little more flavorful. Finally, we had a nice fresh salad with this amazing dressing that Cheryl made, which I am definitely going to have to steal. We had such a lovely evening just chatting and getting to know each other better. We finished the night with some Rocky Road ice cream and decaf espresso. Everything was so delicious! Bruce and Cheryl have an adorable home not far from Coffee Buzz and I feel so honored and grateful that they opened their up home and shared a fabulous evening with us.

Please excuse the terrible camera phone pictures:
 The Big Green Egg

Bruce showing off the Egg

 Amazing dinner

Delicious after dinner espresso

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