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Miss World 2010, Contestants-Miss World 2010 Winner

Miss World 2010,Miss World 2010 Winner,the 60th Miss World pageant was held on October 30, 2010,in Sanya, People's Republic of China;after Vietnam backed out of the hosting contract.Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar crowned her successor Alexandria Mills from United States as Miss World 2010.
On January 28, 2010, RAAS faxed to Khanh Hoa People’s Committee office to announce that they were no longer organizing without no official explanation. Khanh Hoa Province showed the interest to host continually and found new sponsors. However, in case of another province assigned to host, RAAS will return as the main sponsor.On Feb 03, after being assigned to host, Khanh Hoa begged off immediately and offered its backing to Tien Giang province or anywhere else because of hosting Miss Earth and the second Miss World

Vietnam.RASS also confirmed that Miss World would be back to Mỹ Tho, Tien Giang Province later in 2011 or 2012.[On February 5, 2010, it was announced that Khanh Hoa withdrew as host of Miss World 2010 due to RAAS’s inconsistent attitudes in organizing the pageant, the province’s leaders had assigned its enterprises to approach and campaign for hosting the Miss Earth 2010 and the second Miss World Vietnam pageants in Nha Trang instead of the Miss World contest

These are the judges for Miss World 2010:
Julia Morley - Miss World Limited Chairman and Chairman of the Judges

Denise Perrier – Miss World 1953

Ann Sidney – Miss World 1964

Mary Stävin – Miss World 1977

Agbani Darego – Miss World 2001

Maria Julia Mantilla – Miss World 2004

Zhang Zilin – Miss World 2007

Ksenia Sukhinova – Miss World 2008


Dominican Republic

Liberia's entry to Miss World 2010 has been removed from the official Miss World website due to undisclosed reasons. Liberia will not compete in Miss World 2010 as Miss Liberia pageant is not scheduled to be held this year.


Swaziland will not compete in Miss World 2010 as the contest has been rescheduled to October. On the other hand, Miss Swaziland committee is fighting a legal battle with Swaziland National Culture and Arts Council over the ban on beauty pageants imposed earlier this year.


Argentina: Carla Conrradi resigned as Miss Mundo Argentina. The 1st runner up, Marianna Arambarry will be the new titleholder and Argentina's representative at Miss World 2010.

Hong Kong China: Due to a schedule conflict of competing in Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010, Toby Chan, Winner of Miss Hong Kong 2010, cannot participate in the competition. The 1st runner up, Sammi Cheung will be the representative at Miss World 2010.

Hungary: Ágnes Dobó was Miss World Hungary 2010 until she injured her arm and wrist. This stopped her from participating in the pageant. She was replaced by one of her runners-up, Jennifer Kalo.


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Top 5 contenders for Miss World:



China PR

United States


And the lucky 7 were:



China PR



United States


The top 20 Miss World finalists:

Paraguay: Egni Eckert

St Lucia: Aiasha Gustave

Netherlands: Desiree Berg

France: Virginie Dechenaud

Canada: Denise Garrido

Bahamas: Braneka Bassett

Colombia: Laura Restrepo

South Africa: Nicole Flint

Thailand: Yuwaret Rueangsri

Mongolia: Sarnai Amar

Romania: Lavinia Postolache

Italy: Giada Pezzaioli

United States: Alexandria Mills

Germany: Susanna Kobylinski

China Pr: Tang Xiao

Botswana: Emma Wareus

French Polynesia: Mihilani Teixeira

Scotland: Nicola Mimnagh

Venezuela: Adriana Vasini

Russia: Irina Sharipova

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