Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

One Month Countown!

I am hoping I don't jinx anything with this post but if all goes according to plan our opening date will be Monday, February 22nd or ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!

Here's the current schedule which will hopefully be followed perfectly so that we can open on time:

Week of Jan. 18th--Wainscot installed, Fireplace stone installed, wainscot, trim & doors painted. (This week has gone exactly to schedule!)
Week of Jan. 25th--Next week all of the tiling will be installed, and there's a lot of it! The floors are tile, half of the bathroom walls are tile and there is tile behind the service counter. Because of the amount this could take the entire week, BUT word on the street is that the tilers entire crew will be there so the hope is that they can cruise through it and be done by Wednesday. Knock on wood!
Week of Feb. 1st--Once the flooring is completed our mill work guy, Gary, will come in and install all of our cabinetry, our front counter, condiment stands, etc. Again, if the tiling gets done ahead of schedule, Gary will be able to come in ahead of schedule too. After the mill work is installed the painters will come and finish and touch up anything they have left to do. I am assuming the electrician will finish all the lighting at this point as well (SCONCES!!!)
Week of Feb. 8th--We have all of our equipment scheduled to be delivered this week! So our espresso machine, coffee brewer, refrigerators, sinks, bakery case, TV, EVERYTHING will be coming and being hooked up this week.
Week of Feb. 15th--At this point we will hopefully be finishing up hiring our sure-to-be-awesome staff and TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING. I have my experience from Caribou but our espresso machine is completely different than the ones they use. So I'll have to get comfortable enough on it to train everyone. Hopefully this week we will also have a Friends and Family event so the V.I.P's can check out the space and sample some of our goodies!

Within the next four weeks we also need to get our sign installed, our menu boards made and installed, AND the hardest part of all we need to pass inspection. St. Louis Park is notorious for being overly critical and difficult, but we have passed everything up until this point so hopefully there will be no problems. Fingers crossed!!! 

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