Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Reverb 10, Writing

December 2 Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?
(Author: Leo Babauta)

Writing has always been very therapeutic for me. I kept a journal for most of my middle school and high school years and it served as a great way for me to get my thoughts out and process what was going on in my life. This blog isn’t as deeply personal but I do use it as a way to express myself and get feedback on what is going on around me but, most of all it has been a great creative outlet for me. I spend so much of my time at work and this blog has really allowed me to be creative and express myself and meet some great new cyber friends. I don’t think that there is anything that doesn’t contribute to my writing, but I do wish I spent more time doing other things which in return might enhance my blog and the topics I write about. After a long day at work it’s so easy just to curl up in bed and watch TV and when we get time off on the weekends it’s so easy to just sleep away the day. I want to spend more time reading. I want to spend more time with my fiancé, doing things….snuggling on the couch watching TV is great but I want to go out and do more, try new things, new restaurants, etc. Although I want to spend more free time away from the TV I could never ever give it up! No way Jose! I love my shows too much and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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