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Rihanna Bob Hairstyle

Rihanna Bob Hairstyle - She Looks Simply Amazing

The bob haircut has a long and lovely history, and it’s back in today’s headlines as soulful R&B with a touch of reggae performer Rhianna came onstage at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with a fun and flirty bob that caught the eyes of cameras throughout the arena!
The Barbados-born superstar sported a new and daring twist to a golden oldie – she inverted the length of the bob, having the hair in the back of her head shorter than the hair in the front. This drews the eyes of the observer to the forehead and face, while the extended locks that flow smoothly down past her cheekbones gave an elegant smoothness to the whole look.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Rihanna Hair

Rhianna chose a great model for a new style, because ever since its invention in the Roaring 20’s, the bob has sent a message to the onlooker that says, “I’m strong enough to have fun in my own way, to be as wild as I want to be, and I also want to look good for the camera’s while I’m doing it!”
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Rihanna Hair

An easily maintained style, the bob can be cut at home with minimal equipment, or at your favorite salon. It can be modified to anyone’s facial features. Rhianna used her cheekbones to great effect with her extended wisps in front, but if you have a face suited to bang or pageboy hairdos, you might consider the classic bob look, with the back hair longer than the front but still shortened to the extreme!

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