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'Tis the Season...

…for WEDDINGS! Those of you who know me well and most likely those of you who barely know me know that I am 100% crazy obsessed with weddings! Most girls like to fantasize about their dream wedding, well; I fantasize about my wedding, my friend’s weddings, celebrity weddings and the weddings of complete strangers. Our Coffee Buzz customers have quickly learned that if you mention the “w” word you have opened a can of very excited and very inquisitive worms!
I love that every wedding is completely different. I love seeing the different styles, different tastes, and different traditions. Just like every relationship is unique and special, so is every wedding. I love that they are so emotional and yet so crazy and fun. I have had this obsession from a very young age; I remember getting bridal magazines when I was little and cutting out pictures I liked and taping them in notebooks creating little collages. Little did I know then that creating these “Inspiration Boards” is a very popular and useful wedding planning technique. I will also say with complete confidence that my Barbie’s had the most fabulous weddings in town. I remember my cousin, Steph, and I used to always have Barbie weddings at my grandparents house. They had a long and narrow hallway, upstairs where the bedrooms are and at the end of the hallway is a full length mirror, this mirror made the most beautiful alter. We would use all of my grandma’s arts, crafts and sewing materials to make the wedding come to life. We always used a long thick ribbon as the aisle all the way down the hallway. I also recall creating and delivering wedding invitations to my grandparents.  
I am very excited for this summer because I have the honor of actually being in two weddings! One of my girlfriends from college is getting married the end of May. 
 Brianna & Matt are getting married May 30th! I can't wait to be a part of their special day!
And my mom is getting married in early August!!!
 Me, My mom, her fiance Steve and his daughter Natalie on Lake Minnetonka last 4th of July. This wedding will no doubt be extremely emotional as well as complete and total blast! 
I have also recently come to the conclusion that I could very easily use my business to fulfill my lifelong dream and calling of becoming a wedding planner. I have met so many awesome people in just the two short months we’ve been open and it’s amazing how many of them just so happen to fall into the wedding field.  Check out the following if you’re currently planning a wedding:
Wedding Dress/bridesmaids/accessories: Mary Kay’s Bridal
Printing: Bryant Graphics
Band: Glad Rags
With just these connections alone I could plan one kickass wedding! Plus, I already have the perfect office…a beautifully decorated, super cute and super delicious neighborhood coffee shop! So, I’m creating a five year plan for myself! Five years because that gives me a lot of time to accomplish my current goals and in five years I’ll be turning 30, seems like a good time to mix things up and take on something new. I’m going to continue to put my blood, sweat and tears into making my baby (Coffee Buzz) a huge success. I feel that five years is ample time to do this in! Plus, I will still get the opportunity to meet and talk to so many amazing people, and who knows what other connections will come along in the next five years. Plus, maybe just maybe I’ll have the chance to plan my own wedding in the next five years and get some experience! Along the way, I also want to take some classes with the Association of Bridal Consultants to learn more about the industry and to build my street –cred. It’s a pretty heavy curriculum and is pretty expensive, so five years will give me plenty of time to learn what I need to know and not break the bank. I am also hoping that in five years Coffee Buzz will be so successful that I will no longer need to be a full time employee and will have the extra time and energy to take on a new venture. So, if you’re planning on getting married five years from now…keep me in mind.
One last note, I am thrilled because Mary Kay’s Bridal is moving from their Richfield location to just right up the street from us! Mary Kay and her daughter Ashley been in a bunch of times and are the nicest ladies you will ever meet! I am so excited to have them in the neighborhood, and I’m hoping we can help each other’s stores be successful. This weekend is the grand opening for their new store and they were nice enough to invite me to the V.I.P event tonight! I am so excited!!! I am bringing my friend Carolyn and hopefully she can get some ideas for her wedding next summer! I will not doubt have more details on the event tomorrow! 


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