Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Shout Out!

This week's shout out has to go to my partner in crime, Jason Fawver. Jason and I cannot quite believe this amazing opportunity we have been given and being able to do this together makes it that much more exciting. As much as Jason loves to look at paint swatches and floor tiles for hours, his role in Coffee Buzz will come after we're opened. Jason will work out front with me but his main role will be the business aspect and the bookkeeping. Those of you who know of my amazing math skills (sense the sarcasm) know how lucky I am to have a boyfriend and business partner who can handle all of the numbers for me. It will be A LOT of time spent together which will be a challenge but the success of our business will be well worth it. We have butt heads a couple of  times, but nothing major, let's just say he got the TV above the fireplace but ESPN will only be played during March Madness. Even though Jason's contribution has yet to start, I could not have gotten to this point without him. He has been so supportive and so good at keeping me calm and helping me de-stress. I feel so blessed to have Jason in my life and to be able to go on this adventure with him right by my side makes it that much sweeter.

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