Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Shout Out!

A lot of people have helped us get to where we are and even more will help us in just these few months leading up to our opening. I want to take the time to acknowledge some of them, so every once and a while I'll be posting some very high honor shout outs. :o)

The first shout out undoubtably has to go to Steve and Paula, my mom and soon-to-be stepdad.

S & P not only gave us this amazing opportunity but they have been nothing but strength and support throughout this long, very stressful but VERY exciting journey. None of this would have been possible without them. This really is a family business and just seeing how everyone from the family is able to contribute in different ways makes this experience even more special. How we will ever be able to thank them I have no idea. Lifetime supply of lattes, perhaps?

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