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Thoughtless Thursday

It's another "Thoughtless Thursday" over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

Since it is Thursday and So You Think You Can Dance was on last night you all know that I actually have MANY thoughts! But, to stick with the point of "Thoughtless Thursdays" I thought I would treat you all to a little pictorial treat! Cat Deeley, the host of SYTYCD, always looks absolutely stunning! Whoever her stylist is should be winning awards! To prove my point, here are some of my favorite Cat looks from the past few seasons...

Alright, now to the thought-filled stuff. Last night's show. I thought overall it was good. The first few weeks are always tough because no one has really come into their own yet, you don't really know all the contestants and they're still working with nerves. This season it, the first episode was especially tough because we have to get used to there being an all star dancer paired with each contestant....I'm still not sure how I feel about the format. Okie dokie, I know you're all DYING to hear my thoughts, so lemme break it down for ya!

First, before I can talk about the contestants, I have to get one thing off my chest. When did Adam Shankman become soooo annoying! I used to love him and he is obviously a creative genius (Hairsrapy, anyone???) Maybe it's just becuase he's a full-time judge now and it's just Adam overload. He CANNOT give a critique without talking about himself! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! And he can't give a critique under 5 minutes long. Drives me nuts-o!

Ok, back to business...

Contestant: Billy
All-Star: Lauren
Routine: Tyce Diorio Broadway

I found this routine to be too fast, it looked panicked. It was too quick to really enjoy the movement and the playfulness the routine could have had. I didn't like it at all. Billy is clearly an exceptional dancer but this was not the routine for him. He was too feminine. I mean, Kevin Bacon did some pretty feminine moves in Footloose but he made them look masculine and sexy...this was definitely missing from Billy.

Contestant: Cristina
All-Star: Mark
Routine: Sonya Tayeh Jazz

I loved this routine but I can't stand Cristina. I don't know what it is but I'm not a fan. I love Mark and it was great to see him back...especially dancing this routine. The judges loved Cristina in the routine but I didn't see it. I give her props because she is a Latin dancer and this is way out of her comfort zone but I didn't get anything snake-like from her.

Contestant: Jose
All-Star: Comfort
Routine: Tabitha and Napoleon D'uomo Hip Hop

I was disappointed in this one. Hip Hop is my favorite genre and Tabitha and Napoleon are my favorite choreographers. I felt like there was too much crawling on the ground and not enough dancing. I get the premise was that they were wild animals....but crawling on the floor is not Hip Hop. Jose did well and I really like him but I wanted more....Comfort + Jose + Nappy Tab (should) = amazing! But it fell short.

Contestant: AdeChike
All-Star: Kathryn
Routine: Travis Wall Jazz

I really liked this routine! It was super fun...Travis Wall is amazing!!! I agreed with the judges, though, that there wasn't much chemistry coming from AdeChike. Technically he was great but he was lacking in the performance part. This was one of my favorite routines of the night.

Contestant: Melinda
All-Star: Pasha
Routine: Tony and Melanie Jive

Disaster. I actually fast forwarded through a good portion of this routine because I felt so bad for Melinda. This was just not her cup of tea. I thought maybe she could pull it off because of her tap dancing...but I was wrong. Yikes, without a doubt the worst routine of the night.

Contestant: Alex
All-Star: Allison
Routine: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

I'm not an Alex fan. He's for sure my least favorite of the boys but you would have to be a complete MORON to say an ill word about this routine. It was unreal, amazing, beautiful, dramatic, everything you could use to describe a flawless routine. By biggest beef with Alex is his personality, it's obvious that he is a remarkable dancer (maybe the best to be on the show) but he's stoic. He actually let feeling show through routine and that did wonders for him, SIMPLY AMAZING!

Contestant: Alexie
All-Star: Twitch
Routine: Tabitha and Napoleon Hip Hop

Again, this Hip Hop routine fell short. It was better than Jose's but it was forgettable. It didn't help that Alexie had to follow Alex's routine. She danced it well, but it wasn't anything to write home about. I like her though.

Contestant: Lauren
All-Star: Ade
Routine: Mandy Moore Pop Jazz

My home girl, Lauren, got it rough from the judges. Unfortunately, I agree with them. She is such a strong dancer but her feeling and emotion in the routine are void. I LOVED this routine and thought she danced it perfectly. But, instead of being flirtatious and feeding off of Ade she was flashing cheerleader-esque smiles (no offense to cheerleaders, but you know what I mean). I really hope she takes the judges criticism to heart and works on it because she has MAJOR potential.

Contestant: Kent
All-Star: Anya
Routine: Tony and Melanie Cha Cha

This was soooo fun! Kent is by far my favorite contestant. He's so stinkin' cute! Technically he wasn't perfect, but talk about performing! Oh man! So cute, so full of energy! LOVE IT!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

Contestant: Ashley
All-Star: Neil
Routine: Tyce Diorio Contemporary

I really like Ashley, she is sneaking up on Lauren as my favorite girl. I thought this routine was solid. She danced it beautifully. I agree with the judges though that the emotion was either lacking or directed in the wrong way. I don't know, overall this was there. Nothing exciting. Maybe I was just distracted because Mrs. Bear told me a story about what a jerk Neil is. Sad! I think Ashley has a ton of potential and could go pretty far.

Contestant: Robert
All-Star: Courtney
Routine: Sean Cheesman African Jazz

I LOVED THIS ROUTINE! This was my favorite of the night! There was so much energy, it was so fun to watch, and how difficult it must have been! SOOOOO good!

So there you have it....my review! Now, my prediction: 

Melinda's going home.

(All pictures from Fox.com)

What did you think of the show? What was your favorite routine? After week one, who is your favorite contestant?

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