Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

I wasn't going to blog today because it's a very gloomy Thursday afternoon in Minneapolis and I really didn't have anything that excited me enough to write about, until my BB reminded me that it's Thoughtless Thursday over at Katie's blog. I started sorting through some old pictures and came across a couple that reminded me of one of my favorite nights from college.

Throughout the five years that I lived on the University of Minnesota campus I spent about 90% of my time at the Delta Chi fraternity house. Those boys were and still are some of my best friends and we had a blast! My Lil Sis, Jenny and one of the Delta Chi's, Vince, got in to a sort of war. Vince hacked in to Jenny's facebook and changed all her info to really annoying, disgusting stuff that only a boy would think is funny. Clearly, the obvious thing to do was plot revenge. So...me, Jenny and my friend Clara came up with a great plan. With some help from one of the other boys we figured out when Vince would be gone and once he left we snuck in to his room and stole all his clothes! And I mean we stole ALL HIS CLOTHES. We took everything out of the closet and his dresser, stuffed it all in garbage bags and brought it back to our house. We were pretty proud of ourselves but we wanted to find a way to let Vince know we had his clothes and also publicize what  we had done. So, we dumped all his clothes out on the floor and all choose an outfit to wear and then we took pictures of ourselves in his clothes while laying on the pile of his clothes. Then, we obviously posted the pictures on Facebook in an album titled "Take this ya son of a bitch" and tagged Vince in all of the pictures. (Funny side note, when I found these pics I noticed Vince is still tagged in them!) These are my favorites from that night.

The war continued after this prank but this night will always be in my memory as a really random, really fun night with good friends. A great "college" story.

If your lacking blog inspiration like me, head on over to Life in the Fulmer Lane and play along with Thoughtless Thursday!

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