Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

Last night I finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I loved it! It was a nice change from the good but mindless Emily Giffin books I just read. This book is both a romance and science fiction novel, but somehow is neither at the same time. The time travel of the main character Henry, drives the story but it's not what it's about. This book is about love and not just between man and woman but between friends, and parents and siblings. The novel is a love story but also pushes the philosophical question of purpose and meaning. My favorite thing about the book was the style in which it was written. Niffenegger write from the perspectives of both Henry and Clare, but also includes dates and times so the reader has to follow along in the time travel instead of writing with a linear time line. I loved how Niffenegger often left out punctuation while writing from Clare's perspective, especially when Clare is younger. Without the  punctuation you find yourself reading faster and you get the true feeling of what is racing through Clare's mind. The style was hard hard to get used to and was confusing at first. Initially, it's hard to keep track of whose perspective is being shown, what the date is and the order of the events taking place, but once you get in to it you're so engrossed in the story you just follow right along. I also found myself feeling uneasy while reading this book, which I attribute to the ever changing story and unsureness of the events that may take place. If you haven't read this book I highly recommend it!

Immediately after I finished the book (which was at 10:30pm by the way) I ran out to the nearest RedBox and grabbed the movie version starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. After being so engrossed in the book I was so curious to see how they portrayed this amazing story in film form. I didn't dislike the movie but it certainly didn't even compare to the book. First of all, the book is 536 pages of deep intensity and the movie runs 1 hour and 47 minutes. I really wish they would have created a longer more epic movie version. The film is really just a compacted, G-rated version of the book. There were so many crucial details left out the movie, which I suppose I understand if you're trying to cram it all in to under 2 hours. I really just wish they would have spent a little more time establishing the relationship between Clare and Henry and the individual characters themselves. I didn't feel the deep and everlasting love between Clare and Henry and I didn't see any of the dark side of Henry or the painful optimism of Clare. The book has some really dark aspects to it and the movie just flew right over all of that. With some more time and some more details from the book this movie could have been much better. But, I will say that if I hadn't read the book first I probably would have loved the movie! And, Rachel McAdams is amazing in everything she does, I love her!

Did you read the book? See the movie? What did you think of both or either?

Up next, I'm reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

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