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Weigh In and Wishful Wednesday

Yes! Success! I restarted this weight loss/get in shape/get healthy plan on Friday and since I have already lost 1.8 pounds! Wahoo! On top of that I get to cross 19.73 miles off of my 500 mile goal!!! I am super excited and super proud of myself---even though my legs fee like complete moosh! That’s right, moosh! On Monday I even beat a personal record! Now, this may not sound like much but for someone who hates running, never tries to run and has a personal record of 1.2 miles without stopping 1.59 miles is a HUGE deal! I don’t know where it came from, but it felt great. I tried to run this morning and made it just barely over half a mile and my legs gave out on me. My friend Carolyn and I have also decided to commit to running a 5k then end of June. This way, hopefully, we can keep each other on track while training AND more importantly have a running buddy during the race!

I have also decided to start a 12 week program to help me lose these last pounds and get healthy. The program is called Transitions Lifestyle and the basis of the program is education, which is exactly what I need. I don’t need a crash diet or to spend all my time counting calories or points. I need something that will teach me how to be healthy and stay healthy. They pride themselves on teaching you how to eat not what you can or cannot eat. Like I said, the program is 12 weeks and each week is a different lesson teaching you how different foods affect your body and how your body breaks down those foods. I will have a coach and meet with a group once a week.  I have agreed to have the meetings here at Coffee Buzz to give us some exposure AND because of it my coach is hooking me up with the program for next to nothing! The only scary part is the first week is a cleanse! Luckily, I love fruits and veggies but it’s going to be tough. We’re planning on starting June 1st, so be looking for updates on this program. I’m excited to get started!

So, some of my favorite blogs (Life in the Fulmer Lane, Life, Love & Puppyprints, and The Seattle Smith's) play a little blog game called "Wishful Wednesday" each week and I decided since "Weigh In Wednesday" is definitely my least exciting post of the week, I would play along and add some fun into my Wednesdays! So...


To be honest, I got pretty stressed out by this topic. First of all, Coffee Buzz's air conditioning is broken so it is about 95 degrees in here, so any kind of thinking/decision making is incredibly difficult for me as I am sweating through my brain. Second of all, I kept trying to find a picture of what I wished I could make my bedroom look like, which I realize is not the point! The point is to find a bedroom that I would never create for myself but WISH (key word here) I could have. Now you all know full well that I'm not just going to post one picture. So here are some I wish I had....

LOVE! This would be perfect in a downtown loft! Total girl! This would be a wishful pre-J bedroom.

How serene and gorgeous and beautiful is this? I could never have this in MN though! There is nothing worse than trying to sleep with the sound of a mosquito buzzing around your head! But I love this nonetheless. 

Leave it to Nicki Hilton to create my total dream bedroom! If you know me at all you know that my color palette doesn't extend much past black and white (you should see Coffee Buzz!) I love this! I am super into gray walls right now and I think a lighter slate gray would go really great with this room. I'm sure J would feel right at home in here! ha!
This one is a more realistic idea of what I would want. Like I said, I'm in to gray and I LOVE the teal accents.

I really love the bookshelves instead of night stands! How fun!And...more gray!

Only thing I like about this one is the amazing headboard and the wall color. 

And I love this one for the rug, bench & pillows and of course the chandelier. If you read this: Lights. Chandelier. Action, than you know I am obsessed with chandeliers!

So there you have it! My far fetched Wishful Bedrooms and my maybe someday Wishfuls! Go check out the other blogs I mentioned to see some more amazing bedrooms! And check out The Seattle Smith's if you want to play along!

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