Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Popping Up Everywhere

About three years ago, I begged and begged an employer to open an on-line pop-up shop, but the concept was just too new and it never happened. But now, whenever I see a pop-up shop I feel a bit wronged! However, some pop-ups are clearly far more interesting than others, and the latest pop to, er, up, is Mitchell & Peach in Selfridges, Oxford Street, starting on Wednesday. Not least because it's a Brit brand, I'm very fond of Mitchell & Peach whose lavender based bath and body products have moved the somewhat overused lavender to a whole new level of cool. Grown on the family farm in Kent, the Mitchell family use other ingredients, such as pure English honey, to turn their crops into full-blooded pampering products. They're not cheap, but they look and feel so luxurious that the price is justifiable. If you're looking for a real treat for Mother's Day, I can highly recommend it and there's a choice of bath oil, hand cream, shower wash and beautiful, creamy soaps. 

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