Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

She's Back! Jo Malone Returns with Jo Loves

Since Jo Malone sold the brand to Lauder a few years ago, everyone's been waiting to see if she took the money and ran, or whether she'd make a return. I know that company sales are complicated things and the fact she's waited five years to resurface is possibly due to clauses in the sale, however, whatever the reason, a chance meeting with someone who works closely with Jo a couple of weeks ago meant I got to smell one of her newly hatched fragrances. And, it was completely recognisable as a 'Jo Malone' scent. My first words were, 'She's back!' It's the first time I've ever smelled a fragrance and instantly recognised the creator. It was floral, light and familiar - in a good way. Obviously, the newer scents coming out of the existing Jo Malone range aren't created by Jo who now has no input into the on-going Jo Malone brand.

Jo Loves apparantly won't focus entirely on scent though, even though there will also be a candle range; it seems as though the venture is has a lifestyle slant with over 40 products rolling out by Christmas. 

Watch this space! 

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