Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Smells Like Barbie Head:

Remember when you were little and opening a new doll the first thing that hits you is that gorgeous sweet, plastic smell? When I was little, that smell was so glamorously exotic and something that I only got to have a sniff at at Christmas or birthdays. I wasn't much of a Barbie fan - I had Pippa dolls for a while but sent them on a 'cruise' down a stream at the back of our house and never actually saw them again..oops. I like to think that maybe they reached America and are now sipping Pina Coladas near some bleached out beach living a high life for dolls. 

So, Hypnose have managed to encapsulate that dolls head/nylon hair smell in their latest candle, Art Plastique. Kind of a grown up version of a new dolly but without the fiddle of having to choose it an outfit. 


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